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 scourge again
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Scorchstar-blazing organge tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes.

Nightscar- Black male cat with dark blue eyes.

Medicine Cat-
Jayfrost-Dark gray male cat with amber eyes.

Flamelight-long haired she cat with flameing arancia, arancio fur,red stripes and yellow paws ,chest,tail and ears.blue green eyes(smarttone123)

Moonclaw-pure white tom with light blue eyes(smarttone123)

Flamefur-beautiful she cat with flame colored pelt and shining green eyes(teampeeta649)

Scorchpelt-flame colored tom wit green eyes and white tail tip and belly(bluestar208)

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Owlfern of Cougerclan sprung onto Starlingpetal, who went limp in her grasp then slithered out from under her. Owlfern caught her again but clumsily and ended up getting dragged across the training clearing. "Hey!" she yelped, her claws scraping on the dry earth. Starlingpetal laughed and scrambled out of Owlfern's grasp. "I wouldn't want to be attacked da you," she meowed. Owlfern scraped the erba with her claws. "Maybe I need to get better," she queried.
"No, te were good." Starlingpetal looked serious but Owlfern still felt uncertain. As she padded back to camp, she realized that a loud...
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* ~ P A R T 1: Nice shoes. ~ *
Lionblaze: Whut?
Icepaw: I Amore YOU-
Lionblaze: WHUT O_O
Icepaw: RRR SHOES! Heh! ^ ^;
Lionblaze: Oh for a secondo I thought te detto te Amore me! I must be hearing things!
Icepaw: Ohhh of course not! Where did te get those uhhh.... Spiffy shoes!
Lionblaze: At Wal-Mart for only $7!

* ~ P A R T 2: Women. ~ *
Daisy: OH EM GEE! Did te see Mousefur's pants today?
Sandstorm: They made her look so unstylish and old!
Sorreltail: Oh and did te see Squirrelflight's make-up job?
Sandstorm: Yes!
Daisy: So unethical. That will make the mice die of fright!
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1.ask him y he dosn't have a cool scar
2.call him tigger
3.when hes talking about ravepaw say " u say raverpaw's gonna make a bad warrior when ur the 1 teaching he him how 2 be 1! at lest we know y" then look at him
4.when he loses a battle say "come on we tryed" then turn and look at him and say "well some of us tryed"
5.on hes birthday wate till he says how old he is then say "HOW OLD!!"
6.call him"the cat who let fuoco save the clan"
7.when he goes 2 get bloodclan say "u call firestar a kittyepet and here u r ask 4 a kittepets help"
8.when he yells at spottedleaf say " and he wonders y he can't...
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 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 3 ~

Stormcloud yawned, heading out of the warriors den. Willowstorm had kitted last night. She had three little she-cats. Otterkit, Honeykit and Cloverkit. Lionclaw, Lilyfang and Mudheart were warriors now. "Stormcloud, I need te on Heatherspirit's hunting patrol." meowed Mintheart. He was getting old. "Okay." Stormcloud followed Heatherspirit, Kinktail and Gorsefire through the entrance and swam across the stream.

Stormcloud dropped his trota and his robin on the fesh-kill pile. "Let all Gatti old enough to catch their own prey gather under the Highbranch for a Clan meeting." Goldenstar...
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GinjaNinjaOwO's video
da Angelthewolf333
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The version 1.3 is about to come out, as well in August 2012
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Sicilathewolf's video. Very funny
warrior Gatti video
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TribbleofDoom's video.
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