My first episode of "We Bare Bears" was "Tote Life" and I had just watched "The Simpsons" episode "Lisa the albero Hugger" a couple of days prier. Lisa wants to protect trees, but fails to realize that we would use other plants instead of trees to make paper. Her actions are portrayed as reasonable and noble, when in fact she is being unreasonable.

The episode starts off with the cashier being a jerk (I believe the intent was to mostra that the cashier was being unreasonable) because Panda, Grizz, and Ice orso don't have reusable bags. They buy some totes, and da the end of the episode, have gone completely overboard. The EPA comes and Grizz tells the lady that 1000 tote bags saves 1000 beavers. She gets them to go outside and they see they are polluting the environment with their excess tote bags. after an action sequence, the lady tells them they only need one o two tote bags. The message is clear it's great to protect the environment, but be reasonable about it. I was hooked!

The series solves the major problem with anthropomorphic animal shows, where only the animal character is the only anthropomorphic animal character in the universe. "Bear Cleanse" addresses the fact that bears are different from humans, tough the bears diet. "Family Guy addresses the fact that Brian is a dog, but the goal of those episodes is to prove that Brian is no different than any human. "Bear Cleanse" says there is a difference between bears and humans, and sticks to it. I don't know why a kids mostra would feel the need to address this problem, kids easily suspend disbelief, but the fact that "We Bare Bears" does, shows a level of intelligence that other shows just don't have.

Panda dates human women, while this is a little awkward for an adult viewer, Panda has never even kissed his human date. I appreciate that the writers know how far to take this plot line. "Family Guy" had an episode where Brian rapes the infant Stewie and gets him pregnant. I told te this to prove that te can take the Bestiality plot line to far. I believe that if "We Bare Bears" were written for adults, the writers would have the moral sense to do exactly what they're doing.

"Yuri and the Bear" is a heat-touching episode, and shows a level of emotion that most comedies just don't have. Baby Ice orso forms a relationship with a man named Yuri, who Lost his family. When Ice orso discovers this Yuri kicks him out, only to save him from hunters moments later. As Yuri has to separate from Ice orso to protect him we see Ice Bear's sadness, and Yuri embraces his past with his family. I hope in the future we get più episodes like this.

Modern life is part of the show. My preferito problem that "We Bare Bears" solves is how to deal with it when celebritàs do bad things. Grizz says of Nom Nom "I don't like him personally, but I like his videos." That's a great attitude to have. I can't tell te how many times I've been scrolling trough my social media feeds and some celebrity I Amore has done something I disagree with. I take this line to heart. In "Shush Ninjas" There are references to great films, but it's done respectfully while Grizz is talking about how great films are. It's not meant to make fun of them. I Amore that!

"Losing Ice" is a personal preferito of mine because it focuses on Ice Bear's Amore of cooking. I'm a fan of Cibo Network, and Masterchef, and I Amore that we get to see the process of preparing Cibo It focuses più on that then "Morning Mimosa" from "American Dad." I Amore it when a mostra taps in to my personal interests.

"We Bare Bears" is a mostra with a lot to offer.