Lupi Of the Beyond My Little Story

fireyes posted on May 03, 2012 at 10:11PM
This is just a stalory for English class but I'll post it up here don't spam and tell me what you think about it ps it has my user name.

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più di un anno fa fireyes said…
Chapter one
Blackstone pov

"Where to go,where to go." The pure black wolf mark thought
he thought about how he had gotten here he had been born a wolf and that's why he had been put in those fights,he never lost one. He had been nicknamed the huntsman or marksman or fang or bull or killer and he hated each one his real name though was Blackstone he had been taken away along with his brothers Colby and white fang and his sisters pink heart,silverstar and fireyes. They had gone to diffrent places and fates. He walked over to a clearing where he saw a white wolf with golden paws and a black tipped tail chasing a squirrel the wolf started panting and walked away and disappeared the squirrel rested and then the wolf came out of no where and soon after that killed it but before it's death the wolf sunk to it's knees and looked into its eyes and a second later it died as she tore into it he stepped out of the shadows
"Um um my name is Blackstone."
she froze at the name "Blackstone."
she said the name like she didn't want to.
"Then I am your sister my name is fireyes."
"What then where were you?!"
"Well the night they came the roar of the car opened my eyes and I somehow got away I tried to follow but I got lost thankfully for me a cougar came up and took pity on me I have been with her until some hunters shot her,but she taught me everything how to hunt,climb,run,just everything."
"Oh well I got caught and sold to a person who made us fight to the death."
"That's horrible! Who would do such a thing?!
"Them I guess."
"Well at least you got away,wait how many did you kill?"
"Um I don't know 36 I guess more or less."
"Well at least you should know how to hunt. You do right?"
"Um I don't know what hunting is."
"Ugh." She showed him how to hunt and explained what is was.

So tell me what you think!
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più di un anno fa fireyes said…
What no one wants it.
più di un anno fa xwolf19 said…
big smile
It was pretty good! I got confused in the beginning though. Otherwise goood!
più di un anno fa fireyes said…

chapter two
Blackstone pov

"So now do you get it?"
"Um up until the part about the work."
"You worked when you killed the other dogs right?"
"Um no really they just gave up."
"Wow just wow."
"I know right I'm so lucky. "
"Listen you creep up on an animal and jump on it and find away to slash the throat."
"Oh so how do you do that?"
"You are hopeless."
"And you would never moe it into this world."
"Then how did you do it?"
"I told you luck and fate." She walked off