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la scelta dei fan: Fix-It Felix Jr. x Sergeant Calhoun
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: Vanellope von Schweetz
la scelta dei fan: Big brother and little sister
la scelta dei fan: Yes! I Amore Turbo/King Candy! :)
Yes! I Amore Turbo/ King Candy!...
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1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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1 fan ha risposto a questa domanda
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Fredericko007 detto …
Lets unisciti this page! link postato ·7 mesi fa
Hades_Shadow detto …
Here is a Wreck-it Ralph Roleplay Site I made years fa that I am trying to reactivate, please join! link postato più di un anno fa
SoulEaterFan100 detto …
Vanellope i s so freaking cute! postato più di un anno fa
stella2015 commentato…
Haha super freaking agreed più di un anno fa
heaven22 commentato…
Ya she is the best with that black hair and all the caramelle in it and everything else ya Totally Freaking Agree più di un anno fa
Aph-Finland commentato…
she reminds me of Nutty bc she wears caramelle and lives in a caramelle place O,O più di un anno fa