Towards the beginning of the most recente X-Men, their was a part that the General's crew went to a place they called Lagos,Nigeria and in the scene there were people with diamonds. The last time I checked the location where this scene was acted, it was in South Africa.Although, we have diamonds in Nigeria but it is not a commercial commodity and not in a very large quantity. The "Lagos, Nigeria" was a slum.Africa has a whole is potrayed as poor Lagos used to be Nigeria's Capital and any country's capital no matter how poor they may be will have a capital to be heard of. Lagos is a place full of economic activities and as access to the seaports,airports and land. Long since God knowns when, Nigeria has been "christened" this bad name with corruption, hacking, robbery, gangs and so on. So, please and please I am Using this opportunity to appeal to everyone out there that Nigeria is not as the way people make it look like in movies, the media, and so on.