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Kraucik83 posted on Sep 12, 2011 at 07:35PM
Fanpop has gone 30 Day Challenge CRAZY, so here is a version which includes questions about almost everything :D

Every day you are supposed to answer one question. You can do the challenge day-by-day or in whatever that suits you best.

Day One – Favoutite toy you have or had
Day Two – Favourite animal
Day Three – Favourite painting/photo
Day Four – Favourite landscape
Day Five – Favourite country
Day Six – Favourite city
Day Seven – Favourite language (you don't need to speak it)
Day Eight – Favourite band
Day Nine – Favourite musician
Day Ten – Favourite colour
Day Eleven – Favourite school subject
Day Twelve – Favourite time of the year
Day Thirteen – Favourite flower/plant
Day Fourteen – Favourite book
Day Fifteen – Favorite author
Day Sixteen - Favorite character from a movie/series/book
Day Seventeen – Favorite sweet
Day Eighteen – Favorite fruit
Day Nineteen – Favourite veggie
Day Twenty – Favorite dish
Day Twenty-One – Favourite drink
Day Twenty-Two – Favorite tv show
Day Twenty-Three – Favourite tv show when you were a child/or younger
Day Twenty-Four – Favourite movie
Day Twenty-Five – Favourite movie when you were a child/or younger
Day Twenty-Six – Favourite cartoon/animated movie
Day Twenty-Seven – Favourite actor
Day Twenty-Eight – Favorite actress
Day Twenty-Nine – Favourite leisure activity
Day Thirty – Your wish to Berni :D
 fanpop has gone 30 giorno Challenge CRAZY, so here is a version which includes domande about almost ev
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