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posted by Vallery
 Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cute huh?)
Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cute huh?)
Hey! Check it out, I'm Yoruichi here tell'in u what up? Welcome to my awesome spot! Hope u all like it! (more like intro then article) So add videos, pics of me, anything about bleach too! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Have fun! :)

P.S. If te want know a little più about me please read! I used to be the supreme commander of th stealth squad, I worked with the former captin of uh what squad was it? but anyway....I worked with Urhara alot. As u know, Soi Fon is kinda like my little sister and she wanted to be is più like me! Sometimes in the show, my hair looks purple, maron, and also black.....but really, its purple! I hope u all saw that funny episode where i transformed and was naked in front of ichigo, (he truely is a strawberry, if u know what i mean) But anyway, i like urhara, not ichigo, im sure him and rukia o orihime will end up together!^_^
 Check it, its rukia saying hello to all the boys out there!
Check it, its rukia saying hello to all the boys out there!
kisuke has been yoruichi's
friend for long time.(i fell
for her looks and personity
when i first met her)in
kisuke's mind.kisuke was in the
secert hideout.yoruichi was in the
hot spring and yelled''kisuke!! Get in
with me!!''.kisuke blushing and with
a small nose bleed said''uh
really''.yoruchi started to laugh and
yell again''no im kidding''.kisuke
went under a albero and got two cups
and a bottle of sake.yoruichi got out
of the hot spring and put back her
clothes.kisuke yell out'' ciao come
over here!!!''.yoruichi turned around
and said''alright! im
coming!!''.yoruichi got there and saw
what kisuke had with him.she...
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The biggest descision of my life. Yoruichi's betrayal of Soul Society had me in a bind. I had to become stronger than her. I hated her. To become an Arrancar would betray Soul Society as well, but I veyed for secrecy as I plotted this with Aizen. I wish I had some sort of guidance! Finally, I made my descision. I couldn't forget Kuchiki's words, I Amore te just the way te are. But I had to do this. So I could kill my former commander, master, idol and friend.-


I lay on my bed, in agonizing pain from my transformation. I checked on the hollow mask fragment on my shoulder. Small, but evident....
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Halfway down the stairs is a stair
where I sit. There isn't any other
stair quite like it. A. A. Milne
Kisuke sits in his letto alone late at
night and wonders.
He wonders a great many things.
He wonders when Yoruichi will be
home tonight.
She left at evening as she often did,
in cat-form to prowl around,
curious, investigating, ever alert.
She is a good companion to have to
help keep watch over Karakura
And if tonight is like other nights,
she will return some time before
dawn to slip into letto with him in
her human form, warm skin
smoother than the richest Shihoin
She is an even better companion to
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Shihouin Yoruichi, the former Tenshi
Heisou Ban of the Shihouin family
and also the former Guundanchou
(Head of the Military) in
Onmitsukidou. Yoruichi has many
positive characteristics. She's
intelligent, humorous, knows much
about Soul Society inside and out,
and has accomplished so much in
her life. And for a noble, oddly, she
certainly doesn't act like a one,
considering her childish, witty self
(unlike the uptight Kuchiki Byakuya),
and she doesn't like being stated as
a noble. Like when Soi Fon formally
greeted her as "Ruling Commander",
Yoruichi insisted that she be called
"Yoruichi-san" instead.
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