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la scelta dei fan: Short Haired Becca
la scelta dei fan: Enhanced o mystical weapon
Enhanced o mystical weapon
Powerful Telekinetic
la scelta dei fan: attraversare, croce
la scelta dei fan: Watchers
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SilverWings13 detto …
Yo ppl! I should probs do this in the forum, but I'm Scrivere the successivo part of the series I've been doing and I need names for it. It's for the signing of a document, and the names can belong to anyone connected to the Supernatural (witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, etc.), preferabbly leaders in places of power. If te don't have any OCs like that, just make up a name! I need names from all over the world, so be creative and add what city each name belongs to. A thousand thankies! postato ·9 ore fa
Mclovin_69 detto … i'm back, Until i completely forget and stop posting for long periods of time and then randomly remember this place. Hows everyone? good i guess yeah lol postato ·7 giorni fa
KatRox1 commentato…
Hahahahaha talk about not posting for long periods of time - I've been on here li once since senior anno started way back in September! ·7 giorni fa
KatRox1 commentato…
Seriously though!! I just started to rewatch The Office, and it's making me so happy!! ·5 giorni fa
Mclovin_69 commentato…
Oh I Amore the the office lol ·4 giorni fa
Eclipse-YJ detto …
te can tell when its exam season in this place XD postato ·11 giorni fa
XxKFforeverXx commentato…
You're not wrong XD I've actually been out for a month, but life is hectic af ·9 giorni fa
KatRox1 commentato…
I only had one final this year, but once I graduate I'll be able to breathe ·7 giorni fa
godmor commentato…
I knowe thad feeling, im in the last of 2 weeks of test and exams. ·6 giorni fa