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la scelta dei fan: Future OC's (Shane, Jaime, Percy, etc.)
la scelta dei fan: Short Haired Becca
la scelta dei fan: Enhanced o mystical weapon
Enhanced o mystical weapon
Powerful Telekinetic
la scelta dei fan: attraversare, croce
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SilverWings13 detto …
Feels weird posting twice in a row (even if they're two mese apart), but I just want to warn anyone in advance who decides to read Twist of Fate that it's become increasingly PG-13 bordering R because of violence, gore, nudity, mentions of rape and sex, drinking, etc. I'm sure most of te can handle it, but I'd feel guilty if anyone were caught off guard on that, so heads up. postato un giorno fa
SilverWings13 detto …
College + Work are slowly killing me, but the season 3 pics revived me!!!!!!!!


Weird to think that I was in middle school when season 1 came out... Not a lot has changed! postato ·2 mesi fa
XxKFforeverXx detto …
HI, i'm alive I swear. Sorry for no updates, work and school has been kicking my butt lately. Plus, I have 0 motivation and only wanna write little one-shots that I shouldn't but I wanna because they're cute. help me. postato ·2 mesi fa
XxKFforeverXx commentato…
i'm also supposed to be studying loloool OOPS ·2 mesi fa
KatRox1 commentato…
I relate man, I relate ·2 mesi fa