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Red Revenge slowly walked onto the windy roof. It was familiar. His father had died here. He had hunted down his killer and almost avenged his fathers death had the NYC Police not stopped him.

It was cold, even through his suit. Colder than it should have been for late March.

The sposta was sudden. Guys swarmed the roof, pointing pistole at Revenge while a single cloaked figure and two smaller, female ones walked out onto the roof.

"Been a while, hasn't it?" the cloaked figure asked as the two females stood at the edge of the building.

Revenge didn't move.

The lights flickered on and everything was illuminated. Revenge counted twenty guys. All in a cerchio around him. One figure was dressed as the Grim Reaper. His two female companions were dressed the same.

"Reaper." Revenge growled after a silent moment.

The man laughed wickedly. "I suppose I don't need to introduce my companions?"


The man laughed again. "Friends of yours."

He jerked the robes off of the girls to reveal Sarah and Rose Walker. Both were tied, gagged, and strung loosely to the outside of the building's guard rail.

Revenge started forward, but Reaper held up his scythe. "Stop, o they die."

"Then what'll save te from my wrath?" Revenge demanded.

"Good point." Reaper said, pausing to think. "Let's try again, don't step inoltrare, avanti o one gets it no the other is dropped."

Revenge didn't move, silently accepting the deal.

"Now then. I've long pondered your grudge against me. Really I have. I think about te a lot! te could say I was obsessed."

"No. Kidding." Revenge growled.

Reaper contined to pace, his cappuccio hiding his details. "My point is who are you? What makes te tick? Who is bold enough to name themselves Red Revenge and try to be a hero in this city? And why does he hunt down little old me?"

Revenge clenched his fists.

"See? te care about me too! how affectionate!"

"I only thing I care about is your dead corpse." Revenge growled again.

Reaper laughed. "Well, to avoid the discussion, I'm cutting straight to the chase. Mask off."

"Or?" Revenge asked.

Reaper laughed and fired a shot at Rose. It went straight through her shoulder and she cringed. She was wearing her usual tank-top and jeans, her white hair waving in the wind.

"You'll shoot an assassin and a street-rat?" Revenge asked.

Reaper's expression went blank. Then he grinned again and laughed. "Almost had me! They're people. You'd save them."

"Would I?"

Reaper laughed. "Well let's find out, shall we?"

His foot hit Rose in the stomach and she fell.

"No!" Revenge yelled, running inoltrare, avanti and trying to leap after the girl. Reaper grabbed his cape and jerked him back on the roof, causing Revenge to bang his head.

"Watch it. Metal poles hurt!"

Revenge groaned as Reaper continued to swing at him with a metal baseball bat. For ten minuti this kept up. Finally Revenge rolled over and groaned. Then he didnt move.

"Get rid of the other girl." Reaper detto casually. One of the gangsters shoved Sarah off the edge. She screamed as she fell.

Revenge growled and leapt up, grabbing Reaper's neck. He closed his grip on it and walked over the guard rail and to the corner edge of the roof.

"I'm going to kill you." Revenge growled. "Right after I break te in two."
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They'll come into play after Memory

Name: Trey (girl) and DJ(boy)
Alias: colomba and Hawk
Occupation: Heroes; students at Gotham Academy
Powers: Trey has the ability of using her voice to calm people down. She can also bend metal into any form o levitate it. DJ is able to turn anger into a weapon, controlling the person. He also can use gravity to sposta things around. Both can fly.
Appearance: Trey has long blonde hair and brown eyes and white wings. DJ has black hair, brown eyes and black wings.
History:Trey and DJ were raised in the School, but they don't know Fang o the Flock. They escaped when...
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 Korran's School Uniform
Korran's School Uniform
Name: Brette Lanulue
Alias: Korran
Age: 16
Power: Can manipulate people's shadows

Alliance: hero

Apearance: shoulder length white hair, cat ears and tail, 5 ft. 6", red eyes

Personality: kind, caring, childish mindset, brave, courageous, serious, friendly

History: Korran was dato her powers at the age of six, shortly after getting her powers she got her cat ears and tail. Her parents abandoned her because they believed she was a freak. Korran lived on the streets for two years before she found other kids like herself whose parents abandoned them because of their appearance. Korran stayed with her...
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Gotham City
July 15, 12:15 EST
Three Years Ago

The breeze was a welcome accomplice on the hot-as-Hades day. It blew past, pulling at her hair, her clothes, the yelps of joy that escaped her and her companion.
The leader of the pair glanced back over his shoulder. She was right on his wheels, so close she could make out his deep sapphire irises. He grinned and looked forward.
"You okay back there, kid?" he called.
"Right behind you, Nic!" Aryess assured him, panting slightly. She peddaled a bit harder, finally matching handle bars with him. They slowed to a stop as the tracks neared and the gaurd...
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Started out sad and somehow got this so....enjoy!

He woke up in a cold sweat. He panted for breath, unaware that he had screamed. No one was there to hear him. He heard a flutter of wings and the snow white hawk landed on his leg. The full moon shimmered on the feathers and he pet the large bird. After a few minutes, he calmed down entirely. The hawk let out a small squawk.
“Same nightmares.”
He listened to the squawks and clicks of the hawk's graceful tongue, knowing the words and emotions behind each one.
“Been over five years now, Bella.”
He listened to the beautiful chattering in his...
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Batman left her alone then, and she sank to her knees, the world was alive, people loved her. People she didn't want to hurt. Harley fought back tears, and threw her head back. If Batman found her, she was sure Superman, might be as well.

She was sleeping on the roof of the daily planet, when the sun came shining up. She heard a loud crash that woke her. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw red yellow and blue zoom by. She had to leave. Now. if she didn't Superman would com back, and make her feel guilty. She didn't need that. No one understood that she had to do this. If she hurt them, she'd...
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