NOTE: The following scene contains alcohol use. (This is purely for precautionary sake)

Police Chief Robert Draxx opened the door to his apartment and flicked on the lights. It wasn't until after he had hung up his cappotto he noticed the shadowy figure, using night camo, hiding in the shadows. 

"Revenge, couldn't te have met me at the office?"

"It's midnight, best bet was te were here asleep. In fact, I knew te were heading here."

Draxx sighed and opened the fridge. "What's so important?"


The Police Chief straightened up. "What's he doing in New York?"

"He's not. From my sources, he's still locked in Arkham Asylum. His venom however seems to have hit the streets. I believe Robert Handsik is on it and targeting gang members, homeless people, he may even have possible been behind the baseball bombing."

"Hmmm," Draxx said, opening a bottle of whiskey and pouring a glass. "Man with that kind of power could arrange anything."

"Exactly." Revenge said.

"And his company is based around baseball." The police chief looked up. "I don't suppose te drink?"

Revenge didn't reply. He took one of the drinks and sat down across from Draxx. The Police Chief could only see the red of Revenge's mask turn off. The Black Hero's face was hidden in shadows. Draxx raised his glass and downed the whiskey. The Black Hero's glass slid back across the table. Draxx looked at it. Perfectly clean, no DNA could possibly be pulled off of it.

"So what are we going to do about this?" he asked.

Revenge slid his mask back on. "Keep it low. See if te can't get an undercover cop in his organization. I've got bugs in his apartment and office. He's also under surveillance."

"You don't do anything halfway, do you?"

"No." Revenge said, opening the window. "I hear you're getting a promotion since Ellen is retiring."

"That'll be nice."

"Yes," Revenge noted. "Thanks for the drink."

"Sure." Draxx replied, but the Black Hero was already gone.