Because I don't do this near often enough.

Her feet pounded on the cement as she ran. Her breathing came out fast and hard, but she couldn't stop. He was following her and was not to far. She was normally not one to run, but she had no choice this time. She ran by, people giving her odd looks o just watching. She didn't stop for anything as she moved. She looked up. She was almost there; almost safe. She could do this.
She saw something running up beside her. She put on a last burst of speed. She was almost to the door when she was tackled. Two strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her down. They tumbled a few feet before rolling to a stop. They lay there, panting hard. She looked at him nuzzled up against her, face between her breasts. She smiled and stroked his blue hair.
“I won~,” he sang out, cuddling up closer to her.
“Yes. This time te won.”
Phoebe placed a baciare on his head and Dylan pulled her closer. She laughed a little and tried to slow down her heartbeat. Easier detto than done with him so close.
“Same time tomorrow?” Dylan asked.
“Okay. I'll be sure to catch te before te get up here.”
His eyes shimmered with amusement and Phoebe had to push down the urge to take him right this second. Instead, she smiled. He released her and produced the hidden picnic basket from the bushes. While she had no need to eat much, she knew he loved to pamper her with whatever crazy idea came out of his head. He spread the blanket in a patch of shade, setting the basket in one corner. Then he went over to her and carried her to the blanket. He set her down then sat beside her.
“Alright Kitty,” Phoebe teased. “What did te pull out of that amazing head of yours this time?”
Dylan smiled.
“Well that depends.”
“On what?”
His face turned into the mischievous smirk she loved.
“On if te are willing to pay the price.”
She did her best not to laugh, but couldn't keep the giggle that escaped her lips. She should have known. It was something he always did, making her “pay” to know any secrets o news he had. Not that she minded; she relished it. It made her happy that he was always centered on her.
“So, are te paying o not?”
She sighed playfully.
“I have no choice but to pay.”
His eyes twinkled with laughter and she moved so they were touching. She placed a gentle baciare to his lips and, as always, he deepened it. He trailed a hand down her back and she shivered. She forced herself to pull away before it got too intimate, but she was trembling with passion. He placed a string of kisses on her neck before sitting up.
“Still wanna see what I have?” he whispered.
She closed her eyes at the sound of his deepened voice.
She heard him sposta and open the basket. She opened her eyes. He had pulled from the basket a tray of croissants, a bottle of wine, and carton of Cioccolato eclairs.
“So we travel to France today,” she commented.
“We were in Giappone yesterday,” he replied. Then, with a teasing glint, he added, “And the pocky was delicious.”
She blushed, but felt her cuore swelling.
“Where are we going tomorrow?” she asked.
“That's a surprise.”
She gave him her best pout, but he only smiled. She sighed and picked up one of the eclairs. For him, she'd eat anything he gave her. She took a bite and felt him at her back, pulling her into his lap. They ate for a few minuti in peaceful silence.
“And Jason get's to spend the giorno with Flynn tomorrow,” he reminded her as if there had never been any pause in their conversation.
“That's right.”
He leaned in closer, his breath hot on her ear.
“So tomorrow, we'll take the picnic into our room. Where we can lock the door, the windows, the vents, and where there is sound proofing.”
Her face grew hot as he placed a line of kisses down to her neck.
“And tomorrow, te can pay in full.”
It's just so funny to me XD