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posted by averagehero214
The Beginning

The Team huddled around the fuoco located in the center of the room to keep warm from the cold winter night outside. It also helped to provide a light fonte due to the lack of electricity across the United States. They made the fuoco from paper and picture frames that were found around the office building. The team set up camp on the superiore, in alto floor of the 30 story office building in Washington DC mainly because of the large glass windows and the height, so they had the perfect view of most of the city eliminating the possibility of a surprise attack. Along with the members of Nightwing's...
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Publishes tomorrow on!

(Part 1)
New York City
June 14, 00:00 EST
The silhouette of the female figure landed in the dimly lit warehouse. She snuck along the edge of the bacheca before cautiously walking out into the open.
The hairs on her neck tingled and she spun around, blocking her attacker’s sword with her gauntlets. She pushed him off and pulled out her own sword, flipping backwards onto a rafter and pointing her sword at where her opponent had been several secondi before. But her opponent was gone.
The female ducked to the side as darts...
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"All units, murder suspect on fifth and third proceeding north on foot. Pursuing. Require backup. Suspect is heavily armed and protected. Female, mid-twenties. White hair, black clothes, sword and possible body armor." the radio crackled.

"Let's go." Revenge said, flooring the gas pedal.

"Police Unit 224 this is Police Chief Draxx, stand da for backup."

"I'm already on my way, Draxx." Revenge said.

"I know, I was talking about the helicopter backup I was sending." Draxx paused. "You know this person?"

"Doubtful. I haven't met anyone with that descrizione wearing body armor and carrying a sword....
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posted by The_Writer
The End is Coming.
The Finale Nears.
Red Revenge's saga comes to a close.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Azrael's Message:

"Events will take place that te can not prevent. People will die, and your biggest secret will be revealed. But the worst is to come. te will be betrayed, twice. Your plan will fail. Amore will falter. As for now, United te Stand. But soon...Divided you'll Fall."

The Prophecy:

United we Stand, Divided we Fall. 
Darkness is rising, falling, my son. 
fuoco burns, Trust is extinguished.
Hope rises, then dies. 
The plant whithers. 
Blackness fades. 
So ends the Legend."

te want the answers: Don't trust me! >:D
posted by The_Writer
Book One: Revenge o Redemption
Status: Complete
LINK: link

Book Two: Jericho
Status: Cancelled

Book Three: Ravage
Status: Complete
LINK: link

Book Four: Divided We Fall
Status: In Progress
LINK: link

Book Five: What Matters?
Status: In Pre-Production Stages

Book Six: TBA
Status: In Pre-Production Stages

Link to my account: link

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