"Yes! I win again!" Artemis shoved it at Wally's face after wining a game of pinball. Suddenly Megan comes in and excitedly shows Artemis something. "Oh wow! There is a great shopping sale down at stella, star City! I am so going there!" Artemis screamed as Megan and her did a little victory jump. "What is so fun about shopping? All te do there is waste money and time!" Wally said. Artemis glared angrily and said"You boys don't understand!" Immediately, Artemis and Megan left the mountain and headed towards stella, star City. Wally yawned lazily and headed towards the gym where Robin was training,"Hey Robs! so, te wanna go do some boy stuff?" "Naw, Got to train." Rob answered. Sighing, he left when suddenly they heard an explosion. Aqualad,Superboy,Robin and wally ran out, checking the system. "Theres a attack at Gotham City, I send Batman the signal before we leave" Aqualad said. "What about the Megan and Artemis?"Robin asked. "We will contact them later, hurry! we must go now!" Without Megan's bio-ship, they traveled on Moto to stella, star city where the attack took place. "Hahahaha! te will face the wrath of my evil creations!" Dr Crazy shouted. "Where's the Justice league when te need them huh? Where are they-Offff!" Superboy punched Dr Crazy knocking him down. "Aha, I see they sent their little bambini to defeat me! The all powerful Dr Cra-" Aqualad hit Dr crazy down before he could finish. "Enough! Face the wrath of my swap machine!" Dr Crazy faced a gun towards them and pulled the trigger,BOOM! It was too fast for them to react and before they knew it they were surrounded da a nube, nuvola of smoke."Is everyone alright?" Aqualad asked."Hey te sound funny, ciao I sound funny!" Kid flash shouted in a high voice. "What happened?" Superboy said, fanning away the smoke to see each other as...as Girls! "Ahhhh! Im..Im a Girl! No! this can't be happening!" Kid Flash said."No time to worry now, we need to stop Dr Crazy!" But it was too late, he had already disappeared.