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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow groaned and sat up rubbing her head, she looked around and saw Wally still unconcious. She gasped when she heard the raven call again, she looked and saw it sit ontop of a cage on a blossom albero inside a hallway and turn its head to the side, Willow looked at it with its eyes glowing violet, Willow clutched her head immeadiatley and grunted in pain, not this again. " Roulette enough!!" a voice screamed, Willow gasped and looked over at a girl who walked in, " w-who are you.." Willow said, the girl looked over at her and began to walk over, she had light brown hair with blue eyes, " s-stay back.. im warning you!" Willows said, the girl continued to walk towards her, " what do te want!" Willow shreiked. " To help you" the girl said, " with what i-im fine..?" Willow asked. " But do te feel fine? in your heart?" the girl asked, Willow looked down tears forming in her eyes, " no...", " i thought so dear..." the girl detto kneeling down to her and touching her shoulder, Willow was shocked da the touch but then settled. " Who are you...." Willow mumbled, the girl smirked " im Eclipse but te can call me Phoebe" Phoebe said, Willows eyes settled, she knew this girl from somewhere but where?.


The bio ship landed, and everyone got out. Becca didnt tell them the story though how despretly everyone wanted to know, Willows life was a book of secrets never to be opened, only until the time was right. " Where to?" Lucas asked, Becca smirked at his comment.
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posted by Mclovin_69
" your telling me that he went after SportsMaster..." Kaldur said, Artemis nodded with fear in her eyes, she didnt tell them about her being SportsMasters daughter. " Well i guess we have to go save him " Becca detto in a very calm voice, " how can te be so calm! " Artemis yelled. " Oh please its not like this is the first stupid thing Lucas has done " Fang said, " i need to go find SportsMaster on my own..." Artemis said, " i do not allow te to go on such a dangerous mission alone Artemis " Kaldur said. " Then what are we suppost to do! just wait here until we know Lucas is dead! " Artemis...
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posted by Obscurity98
13 years into the Forseen Future:

Kaldur is 29 yrs old
Robin is 26 yrs old
Wally is 28 yrs old
SuperBoy is 29 yrs old
Roy is 31 yrs old

M'gann is 29 yrs old
Artemis is 28 yrs old
Zatanna is 27 yrs old
Harley is 27 yrs old

SuperBoy and M'gann have baby girl named Miranda
Wally and Artemis have boy named Alex (AGE-3)
Zatanna is Pregnant with girl (Five months)
SuperBoy pressed on the brake of the old car, and shoved the door open. "Yeah, make it Roy who just HAS to have a reunion...
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