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posted by Robin_Love
Willow sat on the divano with her laptop. Wally sat successivo to her, munching on various snacks. Becca was on her laptop, but was sharing a chair with Robin, their legs Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre together. The mountain was quiet, seeing as the others were out and it was the four of them. Willow suddenly groaned, hitting her head on the keyboard.
“What's wrong?” Becca asked a little distracted.
“My computer. It's no working,” Willow answered.
“Want me to have Robin fix it?”
“No. He'd break it.”
Robin rolled his eyes, shooting Willow a mock face of pain.
“I can fix it!” Wally announced.
Becca laughed at this. Really laughed. Willow looked amused.
“You? Ha! te can barely fix a plate of food!” Becca said.
“I can so!”
“No te can't, Wally,” Willow urged.
Becca laughed and Willow looked at her boyfriend.
“You can't! And don't call me babe!”
“No! I'm serious! Don't call me that if you're flirting with other girls!”
The room suddenly Lost it's happy demeanor and it changed to a tense environment. Becca's face turned to anger as she looked at Wally.
“What?! WHO am I flirting with?!” Wally exclaimed. “I don't flirt anymore!”
“Please! I see the way te look at Megan, Artemis, Phoebe, and Mercy. Even Joy!”
“Ooooo! te better NOT be looking at me! And te better STOP looking at them!” Becca warned.
“No Wally!”
“Oh come on! We haven't had this fight for a few months! NOW te want to fight?!”
“Whatever! I guess all I'm good for is kissing! Maybe not even that!”
“Willow! C'mon! I Amore you!”
“As much as te Amore Megan!”
“What's that supposed to me?!”
“Whatever. I'm going to my room!”
Willow teleported away. Becca turned to Wally, danger in her eyes.
“Ah! Don't kill me!”
Becca glared at him and ran to Willow's room. The two boys followed her.
“Willow? Open up.”
“Go away!”
Becca turned to Wally, twirling her escrim sticks..
“You better go in there and do whatever te can to make her feel beautiful. o so help me I WILL kill you!!!!”
“Becca! Wait!”
“Becca please don't make him come in!” Willow called.
Becca froze before turning to the door.
“Fine! Then I'm coming in.”
“No! I just want to die alone!”
“What?! Die?” Becca turned to glare at Wally before speaking to the door again. “Willow please don't die! I need you! I Amore you!”
“Only you.”
“No! Billy loves te too!”
“How? How could he Amore me?!”
“He does! He met te and te trusted him with your situation! Please. I can call him if te want to hear it from him.”
“Are te as confused as I am, Wally?” Robin asked.
Robin looked at the two and backed out of the room, deciding it was best to stay out of the situation.
“NO! Willow is hurting! I'm not going to shut up Becca! Why don't te just mind your own buisness?!”
“Wally! Don't talk to Becca that way!”
“You're my girlfriend! WE should be talking this out! WITHOUT Becca!”
“YES! I am your girlfriend! Though I don't think I want to be anymore!”
Becca looked surprised and flashed her eyes to Wally. He looked wounded. But that quickly faded to anger.
“Well maybe I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore!”
Wally stormed away, leaving Becca alone. She waited a little bit before entering her sister's room. Willow was on the floor, crying hard. Becca put an arm around her, trying her best to comfort.
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