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posted by Robin_Love
 the lupo
the wolf
Okay so for story purposes, I changed ages. So Dick, Becca, and Zatanna are around sixteen maybe seventeen. Artemis is eighteen and Kendra is about fifteen/sixteen. And it's only Zatanna, Dick, and Artemis from the show.

Dick Grayson walked down the road towards home. The streetlamps lit his way while the wind blew to it's merry tune. The sun had set hours before and the moon had risen to a perfect crescendo. He looked at his watch and then away. Eleven at night was early for him. But he had wanted to leave the party earlier than that. He usually stayed out later, not having any family to go home to. Tonight, though, he had made an exception. As he walked, Dick could hear the wind blowing leaves on the sidewalk. But a few minuti later, he felt like he was being followed. He looked back several times, but found no one. As he neared home, he froze in his steps. A black and gray lupo stood looking at him with oro eyes. It barred it's fangs and Dick took a step back.
“Easy. I won't hurt you,” he soothed.
The lupo growled low in it's throat. It hunched down and jumped. Dick ducked and the lupo jumped over him. He heard a loud bark and a faint “ouch.” He turned and saw the lupo standing over a girl. Her hair was rosa and her eyes were a bright blue. A coltello had fallen from her hand.
“Get off me te stupid mutt!” she screamed.
She kicked the lupo off and the animal skidded a few feet into the street. Dick looked over at the lupo before going to help the girl up.
“Are te okay?” he asked.
The girl dusted herself off and fixed her hair.
“I am now. Thank you.”
“You're welcome. The name's Dick.”
She smirked.
“Oh I know who te are. My name is Elithia.”
“Nice name. But how do you-”
Dick was cut off as the lupo barked several times, growling even more. Elithia hid behind Dick, holding onto his shoulders.
Dick looked at her from the corner of his eye and then back to the wolf. A little white kitten stood beside it, hissing at Elithia. She stepped out from behind him.
“You win this time,” she detto to the animals. “But I'll get the Red King sooner o later.”
Elithia turned to Dick and kissed him before disappearing. Dick looked at the two creatures and suddenly felt dizzy. He closed his eyes and the world went black.
 The cat
The cat
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posted by EmeraldYJ
A missing persons segnala has been filed on Bruce Wayne’s teenage ward, Kyra Grayson. She went missing about six weeks ago. The segnala only goes public today on Commissioner Gordon’s word. più on this at five.
The T.V. flicked off. Kenzie, now about six, looked up to Luke and Artemis, who smiled. “Little girls shouldn’t be watching that.”
It was then that Luke noticed something in her eyes.
They were curious as ever, bright and young, but now a deep ocean blue. He nudged Artemis. I know, she mouthed.
“Kenzie, who was that girl on the T.V.?” Kenzie shrugged and pushed herself up onto...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca's POV

I woke up with the sun in my eyes. Turning, I heard footsteps come da my door and Sam's voice on the other side. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. It was a late night, but I was used to those. Besides, if Sam was up, I was going to miss out on all the fun. I quickly got dressed and brushed my hair. I decided to just put it in a ponytail and then headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
As I left my room, I grabbed the taser I had stolen from one of the guards at Grant Industries. I hid it in my boot and headed out. I entered the common room, ignoring the whistling of...
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posted by Mclovin_69
SportsMaster was ready to stab Lucas but was hit back da an exploding arrow, SportsMaster got up and looked to the side to see Artemis with her bow in her hand loaded with another arrow, " so your girlfriend has come to save te how typical " Cheshire said. Artemis shot another Arrow at Cheshire but Cheshire dodged it. Lucas gasped looking over, " Artemis! " he shouted. Artemis looked over to see her father about to throw harpoon at her but Artemis dodged, Lucas got up and used his gravity to take the sword off the ground and throw it at Cheshire, she grabbed it without looking behind her,...
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When I opened my eyes and looked at the time, it was 7:30 a.m. I got up and changed in to my green sweater, my black leather giacca and my black jeans. I put on my shades and walked out the door. I walked down the hall to Sarah’s room and knocked on the door. No answer. ‘She must have gotten an early start’ I thought. I walked into the lounge to get a glass of water to find a glass already out. I went to the tap to fill it up and noticed water swishing around in the bottom. I squinted hard and realized that it formed a sentence. It said:
Robin, Melinoe the goddess of ghosts has captured...
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"Erica! Erica, please wake up!" shouted a voice.
I choked on air. My lungs ached for some reason.
And then, someone pressed their lips to mine.
Was I getting CPR? I tried to wriggle away, but something was holding me. Hot breath intruded my system, making me want to hurl.
My head shot up like a rocket. "Who--What--Where--When--Why--How?"
And before I could get my thoughts straight, I was staring into the lovely blue eyes of the Boy Wonder.
"Erica!" Robin gasped. "You're alive!"
He kissed me. He kissed me!!I screamed through my head.
"You kissed me!" I screamed at him.
He stepped back, allowing...
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I like this vid hee hee So i wanted to share :)