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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part IV
I shut my eyes, enjoying the feel of the wind rushing past me. The whine of the engine filled my ears, vibrating through my whole body. Accompanying it was the steady thud of Alek's cuore beat. I peeked over his shoulder, over the handlebars at the road as it passed underneath us.
I had laughed with surprise when Alek had shown me the motorcycle parked outside the apartments. Streaks of oro intertwined as they cut across the snow white undercoat, glistening in the morning sun. He had handed me a black passenger's half-helmet before putting on his own.
As we traveled through the streets of the awakening city, I rested my cheek on his shoulder, allowing the sense of freedom to wash through me. All too soon, Alek slowed the motorcycle and stopped it in front of Gotham Academy. I sighed as I unclipped my casco and got off the bike. Alek slid up the visor on his casco and smiled at my resentment.
"You could ditch," he said.
"I've already missed a lot," I said.
"We could go scuba diving in the scogliera, barriera corallina around Happy Harbor," he suggested.
"Don't tempt me. And what do te mean 'we'? te have school too." He scrunched his nose and stuck out his tongue, making me giggle.
"Do I have to go?" he whined. I only rolled my eyes.
"You could unisciti Gotham Academy with me." He certainly had the grades for it.
"With uniforms and a bunch of bratty rich kids?" I slugged him in the arm.
"Ow," he said, "get to class, casco hair." I frowned and patted down my hair. My side bangs blew across my face in a gust of wind, and I brushed them back in annoyance.
"Oh," Alek exclaimed, "I almost forgot." He reached into his giacca pocket and handed me a small black object. Right off, I thought it was a large bobby-pin. As I got a closer look though, I recognized the shape of a bat.
"Come here," Alek said, setting the kickstand on the bike. I handed him the pin and, as he fixed my bangs back, I realized he was nearly a head taller than me. Alek stepped back to admire his work. "Perfect," he said.
I reached up to feel the black bat perched near my ear. "Consider it an early birthday present."
"I don't turn 14 for another two weeks," I reminded him.
"Then it's a welcome home gift."
I began to point out to him that I had only been gone for 3 days, but decided not to bring it up. "Thank you," I detto instead.
"You're welcome," he said, getting back on his motocycle, "now get to class." He slipped down his visor, waved to me, and roared down the road toward Gotham North. Another breeze blew throught the air, and I couldn't help smile as my bangs stayed in place.
The Hiatus:

what if the YJ hiatus



what if

we are left with the story we have.

We don’t know what happened to Kaldur.

We don’t know if Dick’s plan worked.

We don’t know if Artemis and Wally ever saw each other again.

We don’t know if Superboy and M’gann got back together.

We don’t know if Steph and Tim became canon.

We don’t know who is marrying Raquel.

We don’t know if Zee and Dick get back together.

- zuzuandnightwing @Tumblr

Okay, my super fantastic amazing ultra awesome giorno was extremely TAINTED da the fact that Young...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Bart woke up. Immediately he knew something was wrong. He looked around and saw he was in a tent da himself.
“Oh no, I can’t be back, that’s impossible the time machine was only a one way trip” He thought. più thoughts rapidly came to his head but were interrupted when Nathaniel opened the flap.
“Bart te overslept, te were supposed to take your shift fifteen minuti ago”
“What” Bart asked still confused. Suddenly he was walking with a bolder in his hands. He fell on his knees. Suddenly Blue Beatle appeared
“No! I was suppose to save you, I was suppose to stop all of this from...
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It was a bright summer day, sun beaming down at the earth, it seemed like the perfect giorno to...
"Incoming!" way up, Wally jumps off the diving board, curled up into a ball. He spins and spins so fast he even looked like a ball. The girls lay down on their spiaggia chairs in their bikinis. They all wore sunglasses and all drank fruity smoothies it was the perfect giorno to go to the pool. Wally lands in the pool with a great splash but was a little too small to splash the girls with water.
"Too bad." Artemis shouts to Wally as his head pops up from the water. He climbs the ladder and walks up to Artemis....
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 She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
She sat up and looked at me, as she covered the bloody wound on her stomache, she uttered "Blade... it's all a game. It's hide-and-seek and Dad is it."
It's been ten years. Ten years of pain. Ten years of tears. Ten years of revenge plotting, yet doing nothing. Today on my 16th birthday... the day, ten years ago, she sacrificed her life for me. The giorno I Lost my only sister.


"Stay here!" She whispered to me as she placed me in a closet.

"Don't sposta until Dad is gone."

"But Kelsey!" I yelped as Dad walked in.

"Shh! Don't move!" She repeated.
I heard shouting but I couldn't quite make it out, so I peeked through the slightly opened doors.

The sound of a gun went off and I saw my sister fall to the floor, bleeding. She tried to crawl...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
This is what happened when we got 1,000 fans. Enjoy

The young justice team where in the living room watching TV when Megan suddenly felt a very strong feeling wash over her. It was far away but she could tell that it was big.
“I feel so loved” She accidentally detto out loud. The whole team turned to her.
“What? Why?” Robin asked. Megan blushed slightly.
“Well” She said.
“Come on sweet cheeks tell us” Wally persisted.
“I know that it might sound crazy but I suddenly felt a strong surge of emotions. It’s as if in a different dimension we are a T.V mostra and there’s a website...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Conner was in his room. Clark promised that today he would have a job for him even though he detto that the other two times. Conner was leaving when Megan called him.
“Conner! Where are going?” She asked.
“I’m going to visit Superman. He’s going to give me a job”
“That’s nice. What kind of job” She asked. He shrugged.
“I don’t know. Maybe a reporter” He guessed. Megan shrieked with joy.
“I always wanted to be a reporter. Do te mind if I come along?” She asked.
“Sure” He said. Megan clapped her hands. She morphed her body. She was wearing a long brown giacca and a...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Phoebe Cahill

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hero

Hero Name: Glimmer

Age: 14

Appearance: Short light brown hair, light brown eyes, freckles, pale skin colour, short and slender.

Powers: Quintessence (In the form of lighting), Leggere minds, And controlling one's emotions and has superhuman strength.

1. Sword Fighting
2. Mimicking voices of people and animals
3. Knows how to speak German and Sanskrit fluently

Hero costume: Purple tartaruga neck shirt, cargo pants, black Keds shoes, black gloves and silver utility cintura to hold her two swords.

Civvies: Grey jumper, black skinny jeans, and...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Logan Miachel Story

Age: 1 1/2

Apppearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes

Gender: Male

Relations: Father: Whiteshadow

Mother: Unknown

Uncle: Lucas

Personality: Logan laughs a lot when it comes to violence , and is often left with Lucas when Whiteshadow and his " partner" are out on missions, Lucas never is around the cave with Logan thought he should be.