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posted by Kurls_Basd
how i think jade reacted to Artemis death.

You're a good girl..... Aren't yah?...yes." Jade detto in the goody goody baby talk as she played with her baby girl. Lian giggled as she held her mother forefinger listening to the her commenti and watching her make a thousand kissy faces .
She grab hold of her mother wide black locks and Jade gushed out,"Awe! Lian that's my hair." She quickly remove the child's tight grip from her hair. She rubbed her head as she held Lian with one hand, balancing the child on her lap.
"Dada," Lian said, as her mother look back at her.
"He''ll be back in sec...." Jade said, interrupted da the opening of the window. Jade continued, "see," looking at Roy as he enter the apartment.
Roy looked at his beloved girls, whose faces lid up when they saw him. He smile and walked to the counter placing his quiver and bow on it, then he walked into the bedroom.
Jade and Lian faces frowned as they watched.
"Let's go see what's wrong with daddy." Jade said, getting up with Lian in her hand.

Jade stood in the doorway studying her husband, who sat on the letto backing her. She smirk and walked to Lian's cradle, placing the child in it. Lian gave a sound of distress but calmed down when her mother kissed her on the forehead. Jade climbed onto the letto placing her hands around Roy's waist. She whispered in his ear,
"You forgot to say good night."
Roy took his hand and held where her hands interlocked and tilted his head toward her saying,
"Sorry Chesh good night."
Jade looked in his eyes, there was a familiar look in them, a look she hadn't seen in weeks. The distress, worried look when he thought he was never going to find Speedy.
"Are te okay Red?" She detto sounding concerned as she removed her hands and kneeled on the bed. Roy placed his hand on bed, facing her.
"We need to talk." He detto in a low tune.
"What about?" she replied, lying on the bed.
"It's about Artemis," he told her, bluntly. Jade let out a deep sigh and throw her head on the bed.
"Why'd we have to talk about me baby sis, it's ridiculous." She said.
"Jade, Artemis dead during a mission night." Roy said, looking down at the bed. Jade burst out in laughter, placing both her hands on her mouth trying to contain herself.
"Okay, I'm really not in the mood to start a 'What if'." She said, looking up at Roy. His face was plain, when she made eye contact, he look away, Jade's cuore started beating, she detto in a trembling tune,"Red please tell me you're lying." He didn't answer, she got up from the letto and headed out the room.
Roy realized that she was gone and proceeded after her. He reached into the doorway, stopping when he saw her running through a bag da the counter.
"Chesh what'd te doing?" He asked in a low tune, walking up to her.
"I'm ca..calling my..." she stuttered, and the phone slipped out her hand. She tried to pick it up but Roy held her da the shoulder.
"Chesh, she's gone."
"NO!!" Jade shouted, looking into Roy's eyes, which screamed nothing but the truth. She burst away from him.
"S-S-She can't be dead........She's too, too smart and skilled." Jade detto in disbelieved, " Right Red." Looking through the window. She felt Roy's hands touched her shoulders. She quickly turned around,
"Roy she's to good, I mean, she-sh was trained da the best, o-our father and Black Canary and others, right?"
Roy held his wife in his arms, as she held on to his suit.
"Chesh I'm sorry."
Roy heard her gasped deeply and suddenly she started sinking to the ground and he follow. Jade's breath increased and her heat beat kept raising as she held on to his shirt. Everything around her suddenly went silent.
She felt Roy's finger scooped her chin, and directed her face to his. Roy knitted his brows, he gently took his hand and wiped away the tears on Jade's face. Jade quickly removed his hand and rubbed her face. She realize what she doing, she was actually crying and she constantly rubbed the tears but it just kept flowing. She subbed and dato up rubbing, she looked down at her lap,
"It not fair, it should've been me, why was it me? she was the good one, the one that cared for our mother. when I was scare to do it, she's the one that followed the right crowd. Why wasn't it me, I'm the bad one. Why Red?" She mumbled and sobbed. She looked at Roy with blood shot eyes, whose eyes just stared at her. Jade let out a few più tear, but this time she rucked and made louder sob sounds. Roy creeped up to her once again holding her in his arms.
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Both Robin and Wally made it to the pizza parlor at the same time. They burst through the doors and ran up to the cashier and yelled their orders at the same time.
“I’ll have two supreme pizzas” they detto simultaneously. The cashier looked startled after having two kids burst through the door and yell at him. The two boys were panting, Well Robin was panting Wally didn’t even seem to break a sweat. The cashier stuttered out words.
“I-is that t-two for e-each of you?” he asked. They both nodded their heads.
“Would te like a drink with that?” He asked. The two boys exchanged...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Thirteen:

Revenge and Nightwing ran up the stairs, the girls following. Revenge disabled guards almost as if he knew they were there. Stab, kick, punch, burn to a soggy pile of metal and flesh.

Cassie raised an eyebrow.

"Is he a time-traveller o something?" she asked.

Holly and Revenge didn't reply, Nightwing smirked.

About the third flight of stairs, Cassie stopped.

"Do te smell...smoke?" she asked.

The others stopped and smelled. It did smell like smoke. Then they saw it: the flames dancing up the tromba delle scale behind them.

"Go! Go!" Nightwing yelled.

The girls ran past him. Revenge didn't make...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
“Ok let’s try again. Mexico was fighting against France on May 5. That was the battle of Puebla” Robin explained to Miss. M, superboy, and Aqualad in his room.
“But why does everyone hit a monkey piñata” Megan asked.
“I’ll get to that but first let me tell te the history” Robin tried
“Was France a country of green monkeys” Superboy asked clearly annoyed da the thought of a country full of monkeys.
“No. But please domande till the end” Robin said. “Now where was I?”
“I believe te were at the part of the battle of Puebla” Aqualad answered
“Thanks now the battle of Puebla”
“If I may interrupt is Puebla the monkey ruler o the place where the monkeys came from, and why did they interrupt Mexico’s party” Aquald detto looking at him
“I’m going to kill Wally for this" Robin murrmured.
posted by YJTTFAN
“This is so stupid....” Fang muttered pulling at his clothes. The others in the room muttered in agreement. Sighing Delta pulled her red cappuccio up. Willow tries to mess her hair up further. Artemis glared down at her dress as if she wanted to slice it to pieces, which was very likely. Lucas was in a similar predicament.
“Why am I a villain?!” Becca muttered placing the heavy mantello on over the glamorous clothing. Blade was glaring murderously at everyone in the area, only causing Fang and Delta to laugh quietly at her predicament.
“Trust me Bec, I would rather be The Witch then Rapunzel...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part XI

"Not here," Eclipse warned. She led the cautious group to a room in the opposite wing of the ginormous mansion. It was a cozy sitting room: A couch, comfy Amore seats, a fireplace with a small flame living inside. The others followed her in uncertainly, ready to spring on the defense at any sign of danger, their hand on cane, hidden staff, and close to flaming.
The only one even slightly at ease was Aryess, though she was no less nervous, knowing that the time to explain her disappearance had come.
The boys filed into the room after the leading lady and their youngest team member,...
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posted by 66Dragons
The Launch
A Collaboration Fanfic by
SilverWings13 & 66Dragons

The Russian was fully prepared for what was about to begin. For the chaos that would be caused da the single flip of a switch. Decades of preparation had led up to this moment. His moment. Their moment. He could not put into words how ready he was to watch the world burn. Nobody would stop them. Could stop them. Not even the glorious Dark Knight himself. 

"Sir, we are ready," he turned to his followers. His fellow men. 

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began, his voice carrying through out the large room. "We are gathered today to make...
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posted by Little_RedYJ
I'm surprised at what te believe. I'm that simple girl, skipping down the dirt path surrounded da trees, with a basket of goodies filled with the mother of my mother. I must be careful of the wolf, people think.
I am the wolf.
I'm the one fading in and out among the forest, stalking my prey. I don't just use claws and fangs; I use silver bullets and blades. I use my superhuman senses to smell them out.
No one suspects it. I've got secrecy on my side. A cappuccio hides my ears, a gonna covers the tail. And the red color wasn't to create the irony.
It's the color of blood.
So no one sees my destruction....
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posted by Obscurity98
 The Large animali
The Large Animals
Kaldur's head zipped around to look around in the cave. But ciao saw nothing. Becca held her hands to her ears, covering them, and leaning over. "Becca!' cried Robin, "Becca whats wrong?" But Before Becca could answer, Becca screamed. In her head, she could hear loud high pitched tone. Screaming, in some unknown language. Rare in Becca's case since she knew so many.
"Make. It. STOP!" screamed Becca. She feel to her knees, and Robin tried to pull her up, "BECCA!" Becca was crying now. The voices would not stop. Harley stood now, she had faced voices like this before. She remembered all to well,...
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posted by Robin_Love
Blade was walking down the strada, via to the beat of her preferito song. There was a bounce in her step and her hair was jumping around her shoulders. She entered a sweetshop and looked at all the treats. Someone pulled one of her earbuds out and Blade looked behind her.
“Hey what do te think you're-”
Blade stopped when she saw who it was.
The blonde haired boy smiled.
“Hey there love!”
Blade smiled.
“What are te doing here?”
“I wanted to see you. I've been following te for three blocks!”
“Creeper,” Blade detto with a smirk.
“Only where you're concerned.”
Blade smiled...
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posted by killer24



abilities:can blend into shadows,expert marksman,good singer,when sings o plays chitarra it can heal,inspire,energise and more

weapons:two hand guns,guitar that has a fucile built into it,cloak witch can blend in to shadows

personality:shady,dark,funny,shy,sad,cares little for bats but will help the team,shoots first asks domande later,wants vengeance

looks:unknown(may tell in background)

story:dad is vigilante but he died da the hands of a monster when shadow finds the killer he will make him pay.
can play a chitarra but plays mostly when sad.when he plays it the chitarra will heal,inspire,energise and more.
his dad died to protect him but before he died he taught him a few songs.
cadmus wanted him to unisciti there army but he detto no so thay kidnapped him and tortured him when the speedster,the boy wonder and The Atlantean came and took the super boy as thay called him the security failed so he escaped

Chapter 5: How to Screw up a Amore Story

(Dick's POV)
Okay, I many people (mainly Barbara) have called me an idiot before. And sometimes, I have to agree with them. I'll admit that I've done some really stupid stuff before. I've set off a stink bomb in the girl's bathroom. I put glue on a bully's sneakers after PE. And most recently, I snuck a red and black paint bomb in Houston's locker. So, after all those ridiculous (but incredibly brilliant) pranks, letting my secret slip to Batgirl has to superiore, in alto them all.

Yep. I'm just that stupid. I, Dick Grayson, am an idiot. I detto it—and I...
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posted by Scarlet_Ember
It had been a week since Scarlet had dreamed of her past and had a foreboding feeling of the future, she hadn't told the team but right now that wasn't what she was thinking about.  Last night had been a disaster Willow and Luke had gotten attacked da Aero's new mysterious ability.  Scarlet was still out on her walk she had taken after they had reached the cave with Luke.  She felt bad as she had gotten in a fight with Luke shortly after he woke up, she decided that she would stay at her old Friends house for the night until things cooled off.
"Oka-san I wonder how your doing up there with...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley stood there knees bent, Black hair covering half of her face, breathing hard, and eyes wide. She shuddered, she knew she had to die soon, her mind, almost as if it was another person entirely, was telling her so. Black Canary speed over,"Harley? Are te okay?" Harley didnt even blink. She was frozen. Roy tried stepping to her, but when he did she reacted, she beared her teeth, and her eyes flames up. Wally stepped infront of ROy's path,"Liek te think you're gonna pass?" Roy looked down at his old friend. The team truely loved her, like family, and ROy felt ashamed.
Black Canary shook...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow gasped and sat up rubbing her head, " Willow!!" Becca scareamed hugging her sister tightly, Willow smiled and hugged her sister back. The sheild went down and Dr Fate stood infront of them, " Nabuu release Wally now! " Willow screamed running over to Dr Fate, " noo...." Dr Fate said, " Nabuu!! release him!! im the one te want take the casco off him! " Willow screamed, " if i put te back in the helmet... te could die... and im not the one to let another kill themselves.." Nabuu said, " but taking Wally wont solve anything release him! " Willow screamed, Becca went up to Nabuu. " Relase...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" The only logical place Nabuu would go would be the tower of fate " Andrew detto mostrare the map on the screen. " Well then what are we waiting for! lets go! " Becca said, " well remember it wont be that simple.. remember our last visit..." Connor said. Everyone looked at eachother then they all turned to Wally, he took a key out of his pocket looking at it, " a test of fate....." Wally muttered looking at the key in his finger tips. Becca turned to the others " I know this is what we need to do... please..." Becca said, " i agree.... lets go " Kaldur said.

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The night was cold and brisk, a sharp contrast to the sunny warmth of earlier that day. The vast yard was empty, the bushes rustling in the wind, the erba alive with the melody of crickets. Inside the house, the man was moving from room to room, the thick carpeting in the long hallways muffling the creaking of the floorboards under his feet. He was a well-dressed man, although age had not been kind to his skin, leaving him with a fair share of wrinkles. His presence was so gentle, his demeanor so kindly, that he was beloved da all of the children residing within the rooms that he was visiting....
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posted by robinluv14
I wrestled smeraldo to the ground, and tried not to seriously hurt her. She slapped me across the cheek and I suddenly felt weakened. She rolled me to the ground, and I kicked her in the stomach. The team was so surprised da her sudden attack that they hadn't done anything so far, and now it was too late. They were wrapped in vines, even Batman, and as much as they tried, no one could use their powers. Batman and Robin's belts had been taken away and were resting a couple of feet away from them, but it was far enough that as much as they tried they still couldn't reach.
Now her black hair whipped...
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 "This was one memory that brought us all together."
"This was one memory that brought us all together."
This was it. I couldn't take it anymore. Robin's memories nearly cut me down, but this one would destroy me altogether. My face burned against the heat from the Pit, and the tears quickly turned to gas.
The others, Megan, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Artemis... they were there too. This was one memory that brought us all together. Somewhere at the edge of the mountain was Jason Todd and Ra's Al-Ghul, fighting like they did last time. My stomach churned as my eyes withheld the glowing, green liquid. It was there did I lose everything.
A groan escaped from Robin, and I turned and aided him....
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