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posted by Robin_Love
 Becca-Shade Costume
Becca-Shade Costume
Name: Rebecca “Becca” Stevens (Now Stevenson)
Alias: Shade
Occupation: Vigilante; On and Off member
Powers: Teleportation, mystic arts, sorcery, magic, spells
Skills: Any and all martial arts,/combat/street-fighting, weaponry, potions, flexibility, stealth, technology, hacking
History: Becca Stevens has had a very confused and traumatic childhood. She is the youngest of seven royal children, a princess of Attalin. She grew up with the training of a warrior and the grooming of a princess. She was always told she was the “chosen” and was shunned away da her siblings; all but three. Even with all the training and guarding, she was still subject to her mad father's scientific tortures and his own games. She was isolated completely for four weeks as a trail of her skills. In those four weeks, Becca became the protective warrior people always see. Becca ended up being “reborn” as the human daughter of the Stevens couple and grew up in the Haley Circus. There she met her first Amore and human friend, Dick Grayson. But Becca, even in the “second life” always knew the prophecy of the Dark Age. She eventually followed Dick in his superhero ways, but knew the darker side of herself. She eventually faced a situation she couldn't over-take and broke off her relationship with Dick. She met and fell in Amore with Tyler Stevenson. She is now married to him, but still aware of her own darkness and the prophecy.
Notes: Becca is, in a sense, a man-hater. She feels that men are not as superior as women and enjoys beating the giunca, spazzatura out of them. She has grown up mastering all of her abilities and is the perfect soldier despite everything. Because of her powers, she is almost incapable of being trapped o contained. Becca adores Cioccolato so much, she is willing to kill for it. She is più often serious than anything but still has her share of emotions. Sh is a sassy girl when she wants to be. Her eyes are brown but she casts an image spell when she's in hero form; her eyes are blue as Shade.
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well im going to hell so i thought ill add this. young justice (all the armor colours) blaze (black armor) fuck with blaze and your fucked sorry for the language ps:tex is a girl but blaze is not
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Another (but different one from the other i uploaded) video of YJ celebrating Natale this time Kalder, Wally and Zatanna are there to celebrate Natale
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We looked at each other in alarm and confusion. We got up and quickly moved to our last classroom. No one knew why we were going into lockdown, but when there is a lockdown in Gotham it means that it will be a living hell. We moved lightly in the hall for only hands full of students at a time were released from lunch. Then the glass shattered and te could hear something hit the ground.
“Madeline,” I choked staring to cry. Her body was a lifeless heap on the linoleum tile. Her brunette hair started to turn crimson with blood and her blue green eyes turned to glass.
“No,” Will whispered...
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Youngtitan213's video
posted by Robin_Love

It was a normal giorno for Young Justice as the team lounged around the common room. There was no mission from Batman, and training with Black Canary ended hours ago, leaving the team to do was they please for the rest of the day.
Robin sat attraversare, croce legged in one of the armchairs, laptop resting on his knees. The youngest member typed away at the keyboard, updating his security. Since the teams last mission his software had been fried.
Aqualad and Superboy sat side da side on the divano with game controllers in hand....
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posted by ReneYJ
OK, hurdling towards the earth at 70 mph is not fun. I do not really know what happened after I passed out, but it seemed everything was taken care of.
    “Rene, Rene, Rene, Rene,” Mercy said,” wake up!!”
    “Hmm,” I detto in my sleep,” Mercy what is it? Can’t this wait till tomorrow?”
    “Well te can’t sleep any longer, it has been five days.”
    “Crap, what happened while I was out?” I asked. Mercy looked exited to tell me.
    “I’m so glad te asked<”...
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so hope te like it so hear go's please tell me if te like it im not very go at this


code name:elementi

powers:can control the four elements fire,air,water,Earth

personalty:funny,shy,dumb at times,but mess with Friends and your going down,will stop at nothing to help a friend in need

looks:gold/blond heir,blue/yellow eyes

past:mum&dad left him in the forest to live but was rescued da wolf's and trained. now he can use the elements at will but when found da Batman he entered the young justice program to fight evil when called upon
 his weapons
his weapons
posted by Skittles98
“Night…please, don’t die. Please…” I heard a voice say. I groaned.
“Night?!” the same voice asked. I groaned again in response.
“Thank the Lord you’re okay…” the same voice breathed. I opened my eyes to find Wally looking over me with concern.
“Who pulled me out of the water?” I asked
“I did because I lo- was the closest” he stuttered
“Are te sure I was the one who drowned? You’re recitazione oddly concerned…” I said
“Me? Concerned? Yeah right” he said. I got up and attempted to walk out the door, but my legs went weak and I would’ve done a face plant if Wally...
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