(This is just a character wiki thing for a superhero I created for fan fiction, pls read that too)

Hannah Iggy

Codename: Spirit

Powers: Shooting energy light beams out of her hands, flying, and controlling water

Power Origin: She is the host for the light Spirit named Talia, like Dr. Fate Talia is a lord of order but unlike Dr. Fate she allows Hannah to live her own life and will only take control in combat when Hannah lets her.

Relationships with team members: Wally: Like a big brother, Artemis: Kind've intimidated da her, Me'gan: Like a big sister, Rocket: BFF, Zatanna, BFF, Aqualad: Big Brother, Superboy: Kind've intimidated da him, Robin: has a big crush on

Likes/dislikes: Loves to read, write, dance, sing, draw, doesn't like math (although is very good at it), cleaning, homework, injustice,

Personality: Curios, fun-loving, sometimes emotional, is very musical, will do ANYTHING for the people she loves, is sometimes shy, is very smart, knows when to fight and when to retreat

Thank te for reading, I hope to make più fan fiction with Spirit in it!