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posted by BeccaYJ
I could hear the sounds of a fight from my room. The thick wood door was closed. Which meant I was missing out. But damn it all Sam had hurt me. I was starting to respect him and he had hurt me! I was very tempted to go out there and kill someone. But those flirtatious perverts wouldn't stop even if I did! So I stayed hidden in my room.
“Becky, report!”
Oooo. I wanted to rip his throat to shreds for calling me that. But that would jeopardize the entire mission. Not okay. Bats would tear me to shred. I answered with the communicator.
“Mission successful. Two-Face got what he wanted.”
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posted by Robin_Love
 Devin: Aria costume
Devin: Aria costume
Name:Devin Grayson
Occupation:(Fallen) Angel; hero
Relationship to team:Unrevealed
Powers:Flight(wings), skilled fighter, can steal the evil from any person, all and any elements, healing, telepathic links
History:Growing up in the circus, Devin was always dreamed of flying. Her dreams became reality when Devin died at the age of fifteen. She became an angel, looking after her own family. She was later stripped of her wings and turned into a Dark Angel. She was taken in da a demon, who trained her in all forms of combat and magic. Devin became a spy, working to gain her...
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posted by Robin_Love
I've stayed awake at night for the past three weeks. Ever since she moved on. The darkness covers me and seems to whisper words. The past three weeks have been torture for me. I know she's here. Always know. She and I stay in the same place. She's just a few doors down. It would be easy for me to go to her. But two things stop me. She doesn't want me. I've never done things the easy way. People have always called me a monster. I thought she had seen different. But she didn't. She was just taken in da my words, the truth. So it's my fault really. I shouldn't have let my guard down. I shouldn't...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca approached him from behind, never making a sound. She wasn't too keen on talking to him, much less being anywhere near him. He was a fool, someone she would ignore. But he had crossed the line. He had hit a nerve inside her and she needed to be heard, loud and clear.
He turned his head slightly. He turned back to looking at the bank when he saw who it was. She knew he was upset. He had been hurt in battle, but Becca had wanted him out of the mountain. There were very few she turned away from. But this guy she did. In front of everyone.
“I get that te don't like me....
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posted by Silence_BelleYJ
I rested alone in my room, watching the snow fall outside my window. My mom came in, her perfect blonde hair lying carefully on her shoulders. She wore her leather giacca like she usually did on her work days. Like she did nearly every day. “I’m going now. Are te sure te don’t want to come meet them?”
“Positive. I’m not a hero. Don’t belong there.”
She nodded and shut my door. I watched her in the snow, trudging up to a blonde man, together they went to where I knew their ‘Team’ would be waiting.
Once they were gone, I relaxed even further into my bed. It bugged...
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Chapter Twenty-

It had been a week since agrifoglio had been detained, and still nothing had happened. No Shadows, no threats. Sam was beginning to think agrifoglio was wrong.

Until the meeting on the tower.

Sam was supposed to meet a stock broker for his mother at the superiore, in alto of Grant Tower. For whatever reason, she hadn't felt the need to explain that in the note.

So that's where Sam was Tuesday morning. Waiting for a stock broker and suspecting agrifoglio would escape while he was gone. So far he had managed to arrive before she woke up and would leave after she was asleep. Not today.

"Mr. Grant?"

Sam turned to...
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Chapter 19-

Revenge stumbled away. The woman looked at the needle in her hand. The blood within was mixed with a strange brown mixture. Revenge gripped his arm and glared at the woman.

"A simple test will tell me who is beneath the mask, Red Revenge. And your secret will belong to me."

"Not likely." Revenge growled.

"Oh, but that's not all it does." she continued. "It poisons the blood stream. Corrupts the DNA within cells and eventually kills them."

"Nerve gas."

"In a liquid form, yes Red Revenge."

Artemis crashed through the roof, firing four arrows. One at the vial in the woman's hand, which shattered....
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Revenge stumbled away. The woman looked at the needle in her hand. The blood within was mixed with a strange brown mixture. Revenge gripped his arm and glared at the woman.

"A simple test will tell me who is beneath the mask, Red Revenge. And your secret will belong to me."

"Not likely." Revenge growled.

"Oh, but that's not all it does." she continued. "It poisons the blood stream. Corrupts the DNA within cells and eventually kills them."

"Nerve gas."

"In a liquid form, yes Red Revenge."
posted by EmeraldYJ
I dreamed, clutching tightly to a soft blanket. I had since moved from my little hutch in the clearing, and gone into the mountain. No one went into her room, not even Jessica. Some people wouldn’t believe she was dead-- Mercy continuously argued with everyone who knew she really was. Jessica and I knew. She wasn’t coming back. And I had since received her full powers. I was the new number three firecaster on the team.
I hated it. This wasn’t me.
Tonight I shifted restlessly on the mattress, nightmares plaguing my sleep. Most were about her, how she died, Chelsea delivering the final blow...
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posted by Mclovin_69
( 5 years later)

his tight black boots landed on the ground infront of a chair, " master ive brought news about the missing 3...." he said, the chair turned and a man with a red cappuccio leaving a shadow covering his face turned around looking at him, " where are they......" his deep voice said, " Santa Prisca sir..." he said, the man chuckled to himself pullling off his cappuccio revealing a burned face and hazel eyes, " bring them to me..... dead.... o alive..." he said, " yes father " the boy detto with his red millitary cut hair and green eyes glimmering. the boy left the room with his red bow and...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part VII
I tried to look as if I was enjoying myself, but it was difficult to do in my ever growing frustration. Jasper kept our team mentally linked so that we could communicate even when separated. I payed attention to every detail of the guests: their movements, their conversations, their body language. It was a tedious task with so many people there. Nearly 200 I believe.
'Is it possible that the Key isn't here?' Jasper asked after nearly two hours of no leads.
'Not likely, Ruse,' Nic assured, 'my sources are rock solid. They couldn't have gotten something like this wrong.'
'The party's...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley flew like the Flash ran. Blasting at the Alien with the fuoco form her hands. Careful not to hit Kaldur instead. But the alien dodged every blast with ease and tease. "It's like the dumb bastard is baiting me." her nails made her hands bleed as she balled her hands into fist so hard. "Bad idea." And finally shot the alien on it's back side. But the thing only screeched, without letting Kaldur go. "So this is how te play huh? Fine its your choice." Then under her breath she hisses, "Time to get up close and personal." She flew above them now, quietly. Only did the Alien realize she was...
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Chapter Nine-

After the close call in the airport involving the death of the pilot of the jet, two bodyguards, and another shot through Barbara's arm, Batman had stepped up security. Artemis was in the cockpit of the plane Samuel Grant was flying.

She crossed her arms over her chest, self-conscious of how she looked slouched down successivo to the male pilot.

Everything was peaceful until the Ural Mountains. The plane shook. Artemis ignored it, figuring it was turbulence. That and she didn't want to open her eyes. She hated flying if she wasn't the pilot. The plane shook again and she opened one eye,...
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Chapter 16-

The reporters waited. Revenge picked up an AK-47 and showed it to the cameras.

"This belongs to the Soviet Union."

One reporter laughed.

"Not funny."

He stopped.

"The Soviets are making a come-back. Right beneath your feet is an elaborate base housing hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Millions of pounds of armed weapons. And, the leader of the new U.S.S.R. is-"


Soldiers poured into the room and grabbed the four hero's arms pinning them to the wall.

"You are under arrest for an assassination attempt against the Russian President!" a soldier said, fastening handcuffs on Nightwing....
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Chapter 15-

For a second, everyone was Frozen in their place. Wondergirl hovered beside Nightwing who had several projectiles in his hand. The guards had their pistole aimed at different people. Joseph glared at the two new heroes.

Revenge and I, well we just hung there.


Nightwing leaped, tossing projectiles, not at the soldiers, but at us. I cringed, but felt myself fall to the floor. I looked over and Revenge was rubbing his wrists.

"Get your equipment and let's go!" Nightwing yelled. "Wondergirl! Cover them!"

The blonde flew down and knocked over soldiers running at the two vigilantes. Revenge...
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Chapter Fourteen:

Revenge grabs the gun and pulls the president over his head, throwing him onto the balcony. The soldiers below snap up their pistole and fire. I don't know how we escape. Their marks are dead on. I take a bullet to the arm and clutch at it, but Revenge pulls me out before anyone can get their bearings.

We run down a maze of halls, me leaving a trail anyone could follow, my red blood dripping to the floor.

Five soldiers appear in front of us, snap up their guns, and fire. Revenge grabs my hand and throws me to the ground. I slide under them and place explosives as if we planned it....
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Chapter 13-


"Report Wondergirl." 

"Batgirl isn't responding."

Dick cursed under his breath.

"Knowing Batgirl, she's probably touring the sites." 

"But Batgirl seems so, into the missions." Wondergirl replied.

"Give her until morning before we start worrying." Nightwing said.

Revenge staggered.

"What?" Batgirl asked.

"The oxygen..." Revenge gasped. "We're heading the wrong way."

Barbara didn't notice any lack of oxygen. Not until she walked a few feet in front of her. It was as if she had passed through a barrier. Oxygen was depleted.

"Okay, now what?" Barbara asked, stepping back towards...
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Chapter Twelve-

"The tè is excellent."

"That is not why te are here."

Sam set down the cup gingerly. "No, it is not."

"You are here to defend your country from our relentless assault."

"About that. Me looking upwards had nothing to do with the assassination. It was a simple look upwards asking for support."

"Support for what?" the Russian President asked.

"I have stage fright." Sam said.

"I see." Sam could see Joseph wasn't in the mood to drink tea. "The point still remains that our finalist was assassinated da YOUR heroes."

"Not true," Sam said. "I have been targeted da the League of Shadows for...
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Chapter Eleven-

Soldiers stood on the runway, their pistole loaded and ready to fuoco at a moments notice. Their red uniforms glistened in the morning sun.

At the terminal of the airport stood the same soldiers, same status: pistole loaded and ready to fire.

The soldiers spotted a glittering object on the horizon; the object of their worry, suspicion, and hatred was fast closing on their position.

"Are te ready? What do te mean the camera's not on? Well turn it on!"

The woman's voice merely irritated the soldier, but international press was allowed at the airport and there was nothing they could do about...
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Chapter Ten- "A Quick Review"

Okay, so things didn't go well in Rio De Janeiro.

That's Robin--Nightwing in my ear telling me it's an understatement. Shut up, Dick.

Anyway, we're headed to Russia now, G. Gordon Godfrey, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League reaming our butts for the death of the Russian finalist.

As if we didn't feel bad enough for the loss of one life, World War III is about to be on our heads. But before I go any further, let me go back to what had happened before.

<17 Hours before...>

I jumped down after the assassin Holly, but she was already gone. I landed on the stage...
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