Yu-Gi-Oh Would u watch a new Yu-Gi-Oh series that had the original chracters kids in it?

kikibibi posted on Nov 06, 2011 at 06:33AM
Would U?!?!?
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più di un anno fa kikibibi said…
I dunno I guess if they were as hot as the first and had decent dueling skills
più di un anno fa MCHopnPop said…
Sure,It would be very cool,to see the older characters like Yugi-boy and friends in it(after all Jonouchi/Joey is my all time Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Character)! so yeah I would definitely watch it!
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più di un anno fa alexlionis1 said…
hell yeah! that would be cool
più di un anno fa yaoiboi said…
yea i would watch it