After 5 years, one going into two months, Zac and Vanessa are epic lovers! fan all across the world wish for the best! Zac birthday in the past, we still have Vanessa's to come!

But enough of that. Zac and Vanessa are like tied together and now I present a contest for Zanessa DIE-HARDS!

te must be a fan of these two and have excellent imagination to participate.

Here it is: Write about what te think Zanessa will be like in anoter 5 Years! te are free to write ANYTHING!


1. Because there ARE rules on Fanpop, lets keep it on those lines. Try and keep it PG-13 for us. Okay? We have younger kids who WILL unisciti Fanpop, say they are 13, will READ the fanfiction and WILL NOT UNDERSTAND IT!

2. Of course, if te HATE reading, have a Youtube, and wanna video make it, te MAY! But, DO NOT KEEP IT PRIVATE! I HAVE NO Youtube TO FRIEND te AND WATCH IT!

3. Check spelling and grammar. Please make the language easy to read and not like "zanes great a ciple." I don't even know what I just said! LOL!

4. If you'dlike to be a judge, IM o PM me ASAP! I will STILL be looking before December 14th [Remind te of something?] !

5. Please, write something that makes the judges and I wanna bite our nails! No boring non sense. Make us cry, make us laugh, make us have some passion for Zanessa!

6. Feel free to send domande to:


I have these judges:

[Judge 3's name]
[Judge 4's name]

Now, please include:

Zac Efron
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashely Tisdale
Monique Coleman
Lucas Grabeel
Corbin Bleu
and 4 characters of your choose.

articoli postato here, video postato here.

If te have a, te may write there and post a link here!

-Good Luck