Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Why We Amore Zanessa

Lila856 posted on Jun 01, 2008 at 05:23AM
Reasons why we love them:
Because "It was fate"
Because"It was written in the stars"
Because Pictures don't lie!
Because he knows how to make her laugh
Becausehe stood by her when she needed him
Because a thousand miles seems pretty far, but they've got Annie and Davey
Because London is their place
Because: Hawaii. Enough said
Because They can't take their eyes off of each other
Because 'They are perfect for each other'
Because everyone knows it: He is her man and she his girl
Because they clicked from the very beginning.
Because they know how to communicate.
Because they have something that noone else has.
Because they are soulmates in their hearts
Because they show us that true love still exists
Because she is his private life.
Because they trust each other
Because nothing can seperate them
Because they are a normal hot couple
Because they share their hearts
Because sharing means caring. Look at Zanessa with their sunglass sharing!
Because they've got the coolest shipper name
Because it's them together against the world
Because they're not trying to prove anything to anyone
Because they made it through almost six months of hardly seeing each other
Because they "light up the screen"
Because they're the "start of something new"
Because they're going to do/have it all one day
Because they're living in the moment together
Because they bravely stepped into the dangerous world of fame and publicity together
Because they made everyone sweat at Palm Springs
Because they made it farther more than they thought they ever would or anyone could
Because they act like they're married (even people who've met them say that...)
Because they stand up for each other
Because he insists she's "the one"
Because he told RS she's a very, very sexy woman
Because "its a bit of a fairy tale"
Because when they make promotional appearances and attempt to stay apart, they naturally gravitate toward each other
Because they're always caught being a "couple" when the cameras are off during promotional appearances
Because furtive glances and lip biting mean they can't wait to be alone
Because she watches him rehearse
Because no other couple is as playful during a work related photo shoot
Because they gave each other kuuipo rings
Because his first priority after flying home from Europe was to see V
Because they know what's real and what's not
Because they live in love
Because they are two hot Californians, co-stars, best friends, gangstas, and lovers.
Because they are "Like Woah!"
Because Expedition Everest was more like Expedition Zanessa.
Because he wiped away her tears at the Emmys.
Because they linked arms at the BMAs.
Because they sat together on the double decker bus.
Because the first word that came to his mind about her during a One-Word Association game was "hot."
Because she stared at him for 15 seconds straight at the Atlanta meet and greet
Because they were Hollywood's worst-kept secret.
Because the Live in Love bracelet is iconically vintage.
Because they are eternally adorable.
Because he called her his "damsel in distress."
Because she got a crowd of thousands to sing "Happy Birthday" for her man.
Because she said, "I'm faithful" (EW signing).
Because he said he felt the most comfortable with her on set than anyone else.
Because he said Vanessa Anne Efron sounds nice on Disney Radio.
Because they kissed and kissed and kissed when Corbin missed his cue.
Because she wore a pin of him on MOD.
Because he out his arm around her shoulders on GMA.
Because they sit on each other's laps.
Because they watched "Romeo and Juliet" together, and became each other's Romeo and Juliet.
Because "Vanessa and I kind of fell in love."
Because they are incomparable, irreplaceable, undeniable, adorable, and so lovable.
Because he wanted to make sure his baby was alright-"are you ok, babe?"
Because they went to a lingerie fashion show.
Because their valentine notes to each other are beyond cute.
Because Say OK is love.
Because he bought her sister Stella ice cream. (Not sure about this one, but I find it cute, lol).
Because they were in each other's hearts before fame, tabloids, and haters had the chance to stomp on it.
Because they are each other's 'one in a million.'
Because they have magnets surgically inserted in their palms
Because we all knew they shared a casita
Because their love actually bought a poor man a Range Rover
Because they're underestimated by the world, but not underestimated by each other
because they are the "it" couple of Hollywood
because have you not seen them?!?!?!
because they have their own Troyella moments in real life
because their official confirmation was in Haiwaii! Can't get hotter than that...
because the Haiwaii pics are awesome, hot and hot . . . did we mention hot?!?
because they have identical Live In Love (LiL) braclets
because Zac was in V's video
because Vanessa thinks Zac is gorgeous and he thinks she’s hot!
because they Live in Love
because everytime Zac see's Vanessa he goes *thud*
because they both have "friendship" *cough*COMMITMENT*cough* rings
because how can you not love them?
because no teddybear will replace Zac
because they're one in a million
because they have award winning chemistry
because Zac does secret butt grabbage (see Haiwaii pics)
because Zac thinks she's a sexy woman
because they got sexy lingerie together
because Zacs kisses a Mhmmm good!
because Vanessa took Spongebob balloons to his house for his birthday
because Vanessa went over to Zacs apartment for his birthday *cue imagination goes wild*
Because they live close to each other.
Because they are known for holding hands backstage.
Because they couldn't even stay away from each other during the Congo Line at the Totally Suite New Years Eve Bash.
Because they have sleepovers.
Because they are astrologically linked.
Because Katherine M.'s "work" deserves Honors from Quail Glen.
Because he hesitated and laughed before answering if they were "high school sweethearts in real life."
Because he took her to the Kids Choice Awards.
Because they have been side by side since the very beginning.
Because he was "curious" when he saw the Bop cover headlined, "Is V dating Zac's look-alike?"
Because they are protective of each other.
Because they cheered each other on at the 2006 DC Summer Games.
Because Kenny saw their chemistry before they even knew who each other were.
Because he called her "lovely" on the Zac Cam.
Because they had fun shooting HSM. "Hanging out and doing nothing, that's our motto. That's what we have fun doing."
Because they were grinding at Ashley's birthday party.
Because working with her was "a dream come true."
Because he nudged her when an interviewer spoke of how their alter egos (Troy & Gabriella) "fell in love."
Because they could have met in 2004.
Because he surprised her with flowers on her doorstep.
Because before they were official, he kept saying he liked "exotic-looking girls," and we all know which exotic girl he was referring to.
Because her favorite perfume has been known to be Pink Sugar, which smell he "coincidentally" has confessed to liking on a girl - his girl.
Because he taught her how to surf Down Under.
Because he helped her back up when she fell in front of the London Press.
Because Joel Stein wrote that "he has her on the background screen of his iPhone."
Because she once said she has a poster of him on her bedroom wall.
Because they won the TCA Chemistry Award without ever kissing in their movie- they're just that good!
Because he was checking her out on the podium as the cast received their TCA surfboards.
Because they played footsie at the HSM Dance-Along.
Because she was pumped that her and Zac won the Choice Chemistry Award.
Because they have broken records together.
Because they were hilarious on Radio Disney.
Because she pouted at the mention of his name at the HSM Concert opening.
Because he transitioned from teenager to man with her by his side, literally.
Because the RTHSM 2 moments are priceless.
Because the way he had his arms around her on the golf course before his Access Hollywood interview was "like a scene out of a movie."
Because Bart Johnson knows how adventurous and fun they are - skateboard, scooter, and Toluca Lake!
Because people speak of seeing chemistry, but with these two, not only do you see it, you FEEL it.
Because there is no cure for his VHS (Vanessa Hudgens Syndrome).
Because they can literally make your heart stop.
Because when she smiles at him, for a second he forgets that he's dancing.
Because it's beyond adorable when she wears his jacket.
Because "Vanessa's a great girl."
Because they know the line between professional and personal.
Because they love to surprise us.
Because he made her try oyesters.
Because he always wanted to go scuba-diving, and when he finally did, it was with V.
Because they get caught on Cloud 9.
Because there was tongue in the Troyella kiss (Evidenced in one out of several kissing 'takes').
Because she goes to his movie premieres.
Because "their spirits match."
Because the two-second glance between them on stage at the BMAs is beyond any adjective in this world.
Because if there was a Couples Staring Contest, they would win. Hands down.
Because they can be subtle when they want to be.
Because they come in a box - Troyella *coughZanessacough* barbie dolls, anyone?
Because they were each other's secret.
Because Kenny made Zac blush.
Because they couldn't "remember" their first kiss together.
Because the evidence was always there.
Because "HSM is a project I hold very close to my heart."
Because he calls her Van.
Because they are inspirational.
Because some things are meant to be left unsaid.
Because their personal pics would kill us.
Because they know how to mix business with pleasure.
Because when she said "meets the perfect match" (referring to the show "That's So Raven"), the look exhanged between her and Zac is electrifying.
Because she had <3 ZE written on her hand.
Because he drives her car.
Because it was adorable how she playfully swatted his arm on Movie Entertainment after he teased her.
Because she was very proud of her man at Palm Springs.
Because the two years it took for them to finally walk down the red carpet together was well worth its wait.
Because one look between them says everything they feel for each other.
Because there is not a single word perfect enough to describe them.
Because they are two strong individuals who are even stronger together.
Because some people search the world for something like what they have.
Because they have shared a million moments, and we have only seen a fraction of them.
Because they love each other.
Because they know each other like no one else in this world does.
Because a couple like this comes along once in a lifetime.
Because what they have is sacred.
Because their story is once-upon-a-time worthy, lasting forever, eternal, until the end of time and beyond.

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più di un anno fa sarabeara said…
Dang Lilzz! That is a LONG list and soooo many cute reasons! Zanessa forever. <3
più di un anno fa Lumiforever said…
i just love zanessa together..they're are so cute together...they are truley meant to be...i hope their love will last forever...

Zanessa forever!!
più di un anno fa fabulafaye said…
looooooooooooooong list