Zayn Malik 15 reasons why we Amore Zayn Malik

Progatozona posted on Jan 26, 2012 at 01:37PM
He has an amazing personality.
He is hot.
He is cute.
He is smoking sexy.
He's a very protective boyfriend.
He is loyal.
He is honest to everyone.
He loves and cares for his fans.
He has an amazing voice.
He is modern.
He will always be there with his girlfriend if she needs him.
He loves his band mates.
He stopped/trying to stop smoking.
He loves and respects his family.
He is in ONE DIRECTION !!!!!

I love Zayn Malik.


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più di un anno fa mina27 said…
Million reasons can my make my LOVE perfect ! X
coz he;s ZAYN MALIK !!! xx ♥
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 Million reasons can my make my Amore perfect ! X coz he;s ZAYN MALIK !!! xx ♥
più di un anno fa Progatozona said…
big smile
yea i knw bt their just too hard too express in words :) cuz he's amaZAYN
più di un anno fa mina27 said…
yuh agree agree AGREE !! X <3 ♥ I LOVE HIM soo much more than i cud possibly say.. xx
più di un anno fa Progatozona said…
i luv him as much as u do :)

its rlly easy 2 say "I LOVE YOU" to sum1 bt rlly hard 2 express hw much u actually luv him/her.......rite?
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più di un anno fa mina27 said…
yuh that's soo true ! I know the way that i feel abt Zayn is different i mean i never felt that way abt anyone b4..he's just an incredible boi kind..Zayn has a really special PLACE in my heart ! it's really precious..i never tell anyone abt the way i feel abt him..even tho if i try..nobody WOULD ever understands me ! :( so it's no point :/
più di un anno fa Progatozona said…
hey c'mon i understand u :)
i knw i always told every1 dat "i betta fall in chocolate rather than falling in love" bt im rlly in luv wid i understand hw u feel.......thnx 4 sharing ur feeling wid me sweety
più di un anno fa mina27 said…
ohhh np sweetheart..and YOU ARE SOO WELOCOME ! x :) tnq u bak for the advice, i'm glad i've actually got sumone here who actually understands my true feeling that i have foe my 'LOVE' Zayn !! xx mwah
più di un anno fa Progatozona said…
Hey u don need thnk a frnd :)

u mean our "LOVE"
più di un anno fa mina27 said…
hhhahaha yuh.. PERSONAL STATEMENT {P.S} I'm sorry ! :(
più di un anno fa mina27 said…
Alryt sweetie i g2g go sleep bye hope V can chat sum other time soon.. anyway i'll Have to go n start thinking abt Zayn n I together mentally ! xD
più di un anno fa Progatozona said…
its ok.
lol gudnight
più di un anno fa xmrsmalikxx said…
I love Zayn Malik with all my heart he is the best person in the whole world i loove you Zayn Malik
più di un anno fa fasiha7 said…
to many reasons cnt name them all