Zayn Malik Zayn icona Comp ♛ Round 5

Vamp_Fan_25 posted on Jul 11, 2012 at 07:34AM
Vas' Happening Directioners ♡
I saw that there is an image contst on this spot already so I decided why not have an icon contest ツ
Okay so lets start with the....
*Only one icon per round
*Don't copy someones icon (this means don't modify it, don't add text must have a completly different image
*No links
*Winner will win 8 props
*Runners up will recieve 4 props
*If you don't come 1st or 2nd you get a participation prop

Round 1: Smiling {CLOSED}
1st: Darya96
2nd: 241098

Round 2: Ziam {CLOSED}
1st: Mango21
2nd: Snoopy_Sophie

Round 3: Singing {CLOSED}
1st: Snoopy_Sophie
2nd: twipotter

Round 4: Formal {CLOSED}
1st: Snoopy_Sophie
2nd: Mango21

Round 5: WMYB

Some of my other 1D contest...
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