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[Teaser] Lee Yejoon (이예준) - 너와 나 우리 (私たち) (Feat. ZELO of B.A.P)

ZELO - Tylenol (타이레놀) (feat. Xion)

BABYz, Come to my fantasy #2.Zelo::Makestar

Come on BABY! (Teaser#5. Zelo)::Makestar

B.A.P Zelo [ENG] Solo "SHINE" : Rapper o Vocalist?? World Tour Party Baby, Atlanta

[MPD직캠] B.A.P 젤로 직캠 Wake me up ZELO Fancam @엠카운트다운_170309

(Showchampion behind EP.21) Celebrity Song by. YOUNGJAE, ZELO

B.A.P [SKYDIVE] M/V Individual Trailer - 젤로(ZELO)

[Teaser] B.A.P _ "SKYDIVE" Individual Trailer – ZELO(젤로)

B.A.P ZELO CF 패러디 - 붸비나민C

161001 ZELO Instagram

[MV] Bracelet _ Breakaway (Feat. ZELO Of B.A.P) (band ver.)

[MEET&GREET] How Well Does B.A.P's Dae Hyun Know Zelo's Lips?

Bracelet - Breakaway, Ft. Zelo of B.A.P (Drama Version)

Bracelet - Breakaway, Ft. Zelo of B.A.P (Band Version)

The Bracelet (Feat. ZELO of B.A.P) - Breakaway (Rap Ver.)

Fancam B.A.P Zelo Focus - Feel so good @엠카운트다운_160225 150101 EP.87

[ENG] 151126 B.A.P Meet&Greet - Zelo clip

[ENG] 151222 B.A.P Zelo TV

Fancam B.A.P 젤로 직캠 Be Happy @엠카운트다운_151217 (Zelo Focus)


[Teaser] B.A.P "MATRIX" Teaser – ZELO

B.A.P [MATRIX] Teaser Video - ZELO

151029 Zelo - Twitter/Instagram Video

【B.I.T 中字】B.A.P ZELO(젤로) - No-Title [KR_CN]

150402 Zelo - Twitter Video feat. Himchan

V-HAWK - R(x)PLAY Feat. ZELO of B.A.P

Go! B.A.P - Zelo Cam

B.A.P Zelo, 'Shrinking Warning' act challenge - 20140210

ZELO Laughing**

BAP maknae Zelo's cute cut [ENG]

Why We Amore B.A.P #27: Blinking Zelo

Zelo moments :D

zelo & skate·board

B.A.P zelo, daehyun, yongguk beatbox battle

[Music Bank K-Chart ] Loving U - Chunji & DongHyun & Zelo & Sungjai (2012.12.21)

B.A.P Zelo moments. ^^

[ENG] Zelo's letter to his parents

Zelo Funny Moments !

[freerizingTHSub] MV Bang n ZELO - Never Give Up

【MVフル】2nd Single「ONE SHOT」

Song Ji Eun Vintage (ft. Zelo) Live

[ENG SUB] 130816 THEStar B.A.P Partner Interview: Jongup-Zelo "Maknae Line"

[ENG SUB] The stella, star Interview: Zelo

cute Zelo moments

Cute Zelo~

B.A.P Zelo funny & cute

B.A.P Himchan and Zelo Cute moment+Daehyun bonus

ZELO cute moment in CRASH

B.A.P Diary - Zelo moments

[MP3/DL] 06. B.A.P (비에이피) - Hurricane

[MP3/DL] 05. B.A.P (비에이피) - Bow Wow

[MP3/DL] 04. B.A.P (비에이피) - Coffee negozio

[MP3/DL] 03. B.A.P (비에이피) - Excuse Me

[MP3/DL] 02. B.A.P (비에이피) - Badman

[MP3/DL] 01. B.A.P (비에이피) - Whut's Poppin'

B.A.P - Badman M/V

[FANCAM] 130421 B.A.P 원주 팬싸인회 Zelo♡

B.A.P - 빗소리(Rain Sound) M/V

B.A.P - Zelo So cute

Introducing Bang and Zelo


B.A.P Zelo Aegyo and Baby You're Mine cut @ B.A.P Diary Episode 1

B.A.P _ Zelo ♚ Error + eating limone (cute)

120304 B.A.P - ZELO: "Error, Wake Up, Shutdown, Sorry!" [CUT]

B.A.P- Zelo's Cute Robot "Battery Charging" Dance

B.A.P Zelo - Adorable maknae

[ENG SUB] Zelo cute cut (infatuation to ciliegia tomatoes)

[ENG SUB] Zelo's interview