Zombies I want to be a zombie, but my mom wont let me

daitheflu4u posted on Oct 25, 2007 at 08:59PM
Does anybody have any good tips for zombie makeup?

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più di un anno fa knifewrench said…

Get anything red: Ketchup, paint, fake blood from practical joke stores, etc.

Don't put the red stuff on you randomly, apply it just below the mouth and all over the fingers. Also, if you have a shirt you don't mind being ruined, put a huge red circle (roughly, zombies don't eat neatly) on the front of the shirt; make the splodge low down, ribs are harder to eat than intestines.


Now do a very vacant but wide-eyed expression, and moan as if you have just been told to do homework, with a bit of only-just-woken-up.

If you can bend your limbs at a weird angle like me, that's great. Another idea is tip your head to the side as if it's broken.

That's all I can think of for now. Not the most useful zombie costume info but atleast I tried.
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più di un anno fa daitheflu4u said…
Good stuff. Thanks
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più di un anno fa ChloeOC02 said…
Just put on ketchup for blood and just look dead!!!
più di un anno fa ibrahim111123 said…
i want to be a real one!