Zombies Best zombie game???

Pick one:
Resident Evil
Resident evil 2
Resident evil 3
Resident evil 4
Dead Rising
The TimeSplitters Games
Added by knifewrench
i don&# 39; t know
i don't know
Added by frylock243
*SPOILERS* Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (not really zombies)
Added by DoctorSpud
Left 4 dead
Added by momo0231
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 5
Added by God1
Zombie Hooker Nightmare/ Zombie Hooker Nightmare...
Zombie Hooker Nightmare/Zombie Hooker Nightmare xxx mas (adult swim)
every single one
every single one
Added by Altair1165
Saints Row The Third
Saints Row The Third
Added by Gunman
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