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posted by Peace_out_kiss
 when katara sees sokka and suki in letto
when katara sees sokka and suki in bed
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/ 25, and I had to get up early since my birthday was tomorrow. So I left out of my room to wake up Sukie (she was across the hall). I knocked on her door and nobody answered. I turned the handle and noticed that it was unlocked (usually everyone locks their door unless their not there). So I opened it to see if she might be there. When I opened the door I saw Sokka laying on the letto and Suki on superiore, in alto of him on her stomach. At first I wasn’t sure what I saw. Until I only saw the cover on both their waist. I turned away; I was ready to burn my eyes and brain to remove...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
Chapter One
Katara sat on the ledge of a cliff da herself. She had her legs up to her chest. She sat there, quietly. She sighed heavily. Zuko had just joined the group to save the world from the fuoco Lord. She watched the ocean waves crash against the cliff's bottom. She wondered what it would be like to fly across the water. She would soar across like-
"Katara?" a voice asked, interrupting Katara's thoughts. Katara turned to see who it was.
"Zuko? What do te want?" she detto coldly. She glared her dark blue eyes.
"I need to talk to you," he answered. Katara turned back to her regular sitting...
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posted by vanillamoon08
Chapter 1- Zuko

    Zuko woke to a start in cold sweat. He breathed fast. This was the fifth night in a row he had dreams about his long Lost mother. He could still hear her voice ringing painfully in his ears from his dreams, “Zuko…help me Zuko…Where are you? Why haven’t te searched for me?”
    “Because I don’t have the time,” Zuko detto aloud.
    He sat up in bed, close to tears. Ever since he became Firelord, he and Avatar Aang have been working for what seems like non-stop. He truly...
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posted by tdilovestories
 Zuko asking Katara out
Zuko asking Katara out
Zuko POV:

"KATARA!!!!!!" I yelled as I ran down the beach. I could see her surffing the waves. da the time I reached her she was on the shore.

"Hey honey" she kissed me.

"Go out with me tonight" I detto rapping my arms around her waist and pulling her into me.

"WHat ?" she asked me happily.

"Lets go out tonight. Just the two of us. Lets have a picnic under the stars." she smilied at me and nodded her head yes.

"Sounds like fun!" she gave me another kiss. "Im gonna go get ready right now!" and with that she ran of to her tent.

I smirked and ran off to go get the picnic ready.

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posted by Peace_out_kiss
 zuko and mai baciare at katara's birthday party
zuko and mai kiss at katara's birthday party
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/46. It’s my birthday. I’m so happy. “Katara come down stairs I got something for you!” I heard Aang call. I ran down stairs and saw everyone shouting, “SURPRISE!!” I was speechless. But not because of the surprise party, but because Zuko was holding Mai in a way that made me uncomfortable. “Happy birthday little sister.” Sokka detto hugging me. “Thanks guys.” We all went to the sitting area for cake and presents. I saw Zuko baciare Mai than she sat on his lap. I almost jumped at her and killed her but than I remembered she was just a cover up for me and...
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