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Hunger Games

Hunger Games couples fans: What is the WORST couple te can come up with?

32 answers | my answer: Prim & President Snow
One Direction

what is harry styles preferito color

4 answers | my answer: arancia, arancio
One Direction

If te could pick anyone in one direction to be your best friend who would it be(Niall,Louis,Zayn,Harry,or Liam)

24 answers | my answer: well ALL of but my superiore, in alto 3 would be Niall, Harry o L...
One Direction

What was the first One Direction song te listened to? 1 omaggio each for answering :)

115 answers | my answer: I listened to What makes te beutiful, and saw them...
Niall Horan

Do te think Niall is hot?

22 answers | my answer: NAWWW!?!? of course