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  • TRENCH, Dema
  • Favorite Musician: Twenty Øne Piløts, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, All Time Low, Imagine Dragons, cavetown, WaterParks, Silence The Wolves, and FOB
    Favorite Book or Author: ‘Chronicles Of Dema, the Story Of Trench’
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Oh thats really rough man. I figured it was somewhat the case but thank te for reaching out to me since I noticed te deleted the initial post. I know how this kind of things work, and I'm sorry te have to deal with this rough time and I hope your friend recovers well both mentally and physically from that. postato un giorno fa
Riku114 mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
Cause I feel like that should be everyone's response :vv

Dude if I had più time man itd be all that I do ((not really I do have other projects and shit))

Perks of going to a good università dude.

I 10/10 recommend. Try to do good in school and it enables più opportunities in life postato ·4 giorni fa
Riku114 mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
ghiandaia, jay ghiandaia, jay jay

I have access to a MASSIVE research database and probably the largest psychology database and its like Mmmmmhmmm

32,000+ research papers and review articoli on Dissociation man. Its fucking great postato ·7 giorni fa