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Nightmare before Christmas

Is sally a zombie o a walking talking rag doll i am finding it hard to tell plz help

13 answers | my answer: rag doll i think .... :/ Xx

There's a talented mostra coming up and i'm nervous for the audtions.I really enjoy Canto and a lot of people think im good at it how should i be when i audition so they will pick me.What should i sing i want it to be an inspiration and beautiful some

7 answers | my answer: sing an old song that is a well known song :) this...
Justin Bieber

wats ur fav song about Justin Beiber? Mine is stuck in the moment.

11 answers | my answer: my fav is Amore me ;) xx
Justin Bieber

whos your favorit stella, star

6 answers | my answer: JUSTIN BIEBER ALL THE WAY !!Xxxx :)
Justin Bieber

are te gay

15 answers | my answer: im pritty sure he isn't gay :L xoxo have te not se...
Justin Bieber

who LOVES justin bieber? (say i if u do)

11 answers | my answer: Who doesn't ???? he has got to be the most loved pe...
Justin Bieber

I think that justin's voice is nothing special,i mean even i sing better than him.what do te think?

10 answers | my answer: i think that justin's voice is special :) <3 Amore y...
Justin Bieber

do u all think justin bieber wants a girl like me i have a pretty smile and a good personality and i hope i could be the perfect 1 for him i wish if i could b his dream girl!!!!

17 answers | my answer: he has a girlfriend ........ and im sure he will go...
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber baciare Selena Gomez in Public at Fanity Fair Oscar afterParty 2011

8 answers | my answer: omgosh ....... they are so cute :') Xxxxxxx no joke...
Justin Bieber

if justin bieber asked u out, would te go out with him?

22 answers | my answer: are te kidding me ...... are te actually asking t...