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KaterinaLover mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
Same with me :) I am doing some art, too. Lately I sit on my scrivania, reception for over 10 hours and draw. It's really painful when te do it for 3 days in a row XD But I enjoy it postato più di un anno fa
Averos commentato…
Well, find your stary moment and shine down on it. Kick culo on the paper. As long as te put something there. It means best to te and that's what matters above all. più di un anno fa
KaterinaLover commentato…
Thank te ^-^ Your words really encouraged me più di un anno fa
Averos ha detto riguardo a Draghi
My zodiac sign creates pentagram corners and shields off Lucifer...aka son of him. So fun to kick culo from dreams. Zombies to out of body experiences...except they don't last that long. So I gotta be careful. postato più di un anno fa
Averos ha detto riguardo a Draghi
I been trying to find decent places to ACTUALLY sell-in my art. I am a life-believer that it doesn't take a fucking school to get a knowledge-peace-in mind to be creative. One is a must to get going for "skill" yes, but hey, computers to make art isn't the real deal. Believe me, it's just instant gratification and my spirit dragon disowns that field. Waaaa so, how's every one doing? :D (I get random thought spikes but I try to at least be kind about words.) Take care, bless be. postato più di un anno fa