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sentinelwolf detto …
jfc, what a mess, its unreal how little people will compromise, versus a tottal call to arms, just like everything in life, te dont know what te have till its gone, n how can te loose something te never really had. sad state of affairs. brian henry combs/sentinelwolf postato più di un anno fa
BadEolf ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
"This is VengeanceWolf, my goal has been to clean this club up and make it a little più user friendly, so ill make te all a new deal now 'I VengeanceWolf will forever leave this club, if certain circumstances are met, I will not return under until such a time as these transgressions are forgotten. 1. The posting of pictures containing sexual content with any a and o charactor will be stopped 2. the fan picks will be kept free of choices that involve sex
Message me with risposte individually
postato più di un anno fa
Xero_Pyramid206 commentato…
Ok, I can live with that più di un anno fa
metalwolf116 commentato…
attack me personally and leave these good furries alone più di un anno fa
Boltdoglover commentato…
sounds like a deal but no funny business this is your only warning. CAN WE TRUST te TO KEEP YOUR END OF THE DEAL? più di un anno fa
BadEolf ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Do te fucking get it now? te still have the wall, the forums, and the articoli to post as much sexual shit as te want
postato più di un anno fa
hank666 commentato…
I know, I just wnt people to see this too. We can still ahve our fun, but just limited. più di un anno fa
kingdom123 commentato…
i am sorry but one person doesnt need to come on here and tell us what to do the articolo are just as bad as the photos! più di un anno fa
metalwolf116 commentato…
vengeance wolf, bowing down to te means to die in your wake, I WILL NOT BOW TO te SO FUCK OFF!!!!! più di un anno fa