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  • Female, 20 years old
  • Padina, Serbia and Montenegro
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cristinasak detto …
Which Anime do te see accept of AGK ??? Please tell me ! postato più di un anno fa
Bluu-Metal-Star commentato…
Oh, hello! Well, I have quite big lista xD I watched a lot of Anime but I am not in every fandom. Fandoms I am in now are Hetalia, Free, BRS, Black Butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Skip Beat, Ouran Host Club, SSR and STG. Frog. Those are ones I Amore most! xD più di un anno fa
cristinasak commentato…
I don't know what these fandoms are . The Anime I have watched and watch are Naruto - Naruto Shippuden , Death Note , Vampire Knight ( I have finished it ) , Fairy Tail , Akame ga Kill , and Mirai Nikki . più di un anno fa
Bluu-Metal-Star commentato…
Oh I forgot to metion Death Note~ I know these te detto but I am not much into them, I know main characters and plot but I was never interested in them :P (Except AGK<3) più di un anno fa
cristinasak commentato…
So te haven't seen Naruto . Too bad it is awesome . Especially Sasuke più di un anno fa
Bluu-Metal-Star ha detto riguardo a Rarity the Unicorn
666 fans. OMG SOME ONE CHANGE THIS XD postato più di un anno fa
SakuraKyoko mi ha dato omaggio per my answers
here's a free omaggio 4 having the best answer on my Anime domanda postato più di un anno fa
Bluu-Metal-Star commentato…
Why, thank you!<3 più di un anno fa