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  • Female, 21 years old
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EmeraldYJ ha detto riguardo a Young Justice OC'S!!!
GO READ PETALS ON YJ CLUB YEAH OKAY BYE postato più di un anno fa
AislingYJ commentato…
Em-em!!!! :DDD più di un anno fa
EmeraldYJ ha detto riguardo a Young Justice
*singing softly* Her daddy was a mean ol' mister.. Her momma was an Angel in the ground... *continues humming*
postato più di un anno fa
BeccaYJ commentato…
Hello? più di un anno fa
RostlinaYJ commentato…
Hello Mercy and Emerald, how are te today? più di un anno fa
MercyYJ commentato…
I'm good! Bored... but good! più di un anno fa
AislingYJ detto …
ciao Em...You on? postato più di un anno fa