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mrcodegeass mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
Hi. postato ·7 giorni fa
Gokuzumaki commentato…
Hey. te excited for season three of Code Geass? ·7 giorni fa
NagisaFurukawa- mi ha dato omaggio per my answers
I see your in MegaMan Club. But not active. Looking inoltrare, avanti to Mega Man 11 Video Game that Capcom is doing. postato ·5 mesi fa
Gokuzumaki commentato…
da the way I don't know what props do o what they really are. I also am not active in the Mega Man club because the other members are not. ·5 mesi fa
NagisaFurukawa- mi ha dato omaggio per my links
Please can te unisciti Digimon fan club? Thank you. ----> link postato ·5 mesi fa
Gokuzumaki commentato…
I think Mega Man 11 looks alright. I was hoping for più but I'm not complaining since they finally brought Mega Man back. It's like te read my mind since I was thinking of joining the Digimon club. ·5 mesi fa