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Griga_M ha detto riguardo a Harry Potter
16 to cinema and my wife can watch it in English with headphones and mp3 player.

I guess it's the lest thing what I can do! I will be realy appreciate for your help guys! And I am sure that my wife will be too!!! And she will tell how, da herself after!

I am looking inoltrare, avanti to hear from any one who come inoltrare, avanti on my requezt.

Thank te in advance!
----> part 3 postato più di un anno fa
Griga_M commentato…
Surely no one can help me? più di un anno fa
jazzagentplover commentato…
fOR WHART? più di un anno fa
ArcticWolf commentato…
I'm sorry, isn't that illegal? That sounds like it... più di un anno fa
Griga_M commentato…
Realy, I don't know! But anyway I am not gonna use it publickly o sell it o give it to third hands. I gonna use it just for once and for myself! Man! Sims like no one can help me. più di un anno fa
Griga_M ha detto riguardo a Harry Potter
world in same time at July 15! I was trying so hard to get this movie here in English and play it for her here in cinema in English, but it cost so much and I cannot afford it , it cost though $25K.
And just one idea come up in my mind that I can do just one thing. I am asking te fan of HP to support your fan and help me to do gift to my wife! Coud any one record the sound of whole movie from start to end on some HD dictaphone, and send it to me. That way we could go on successivo giorno June -->part 2 postato più di un anno fa
jazzagentplover commentato…
I didn't read what te detto but i'm sure it's good più di un anno fa
Griga_M commentato…
Are te write it to help o just to say something useless!? It's better to read than to say it's good o not about what te don't know! più di un anno fa
Griga_M ha detto riguardo a Harry Potter
Hello everyone Harry Potter fans!

Guys! I really need your help! I just hope that one of te come forward. I am not that fan of HP but I like this movie a lot! My wife is very big fan of HP. I wanna do the present for her and I need your help guys! My wife will be out of USA on prime of HP at July 15. And we will be at the country where they not play this movie in English, only Russian. I don't know what to do! She wish and wanna see this movie with all fan in the ----> part 1 postato più di un anno fa