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HumphreyWolfMan ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Weird, I thought I postato a commento on that rumor post where there might be a chance of Alpha and Omega 9 happening, but it's removed? o for some reason it didn't post. If anyone saw my commento there, I don't mind knowing. XD postato ·13 giorni fa
HumphreyWolfMan ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Heads up folks, that "Press Release" has a lot of spelling issues. For example, "Alpha And Omega", "Tropical vacation", "BLU_RAY", (Is it normal for shift to be hold down for "-" when intentionally capitalizing the word "Blu-ray"?), "Into" in one part is capitalize in a title.

Either a person making this up isn't very good at grammar. o it's real and the official writers are not good at grammar. XD postato un mese fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
I've seen a lot of press releases with typos. I mean they fucking wrote it in comic sans XD un mese fa
HumphreyWolfMan ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Disney made Copyright too long, Disney tried to prevent Winnie the Pooh grave, and recently Disney denies a final wish from a dying little kid to have a Disney character on their grave. It might be sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza to say that Disney is officially the WORST popolare company in the entire world. postato un mese fa
HumphreyWolfMan commentato…
Well Copyright was already too long before, but they made it longer. XD un mese fa
Imagine7197 commentato…
Yea i just saw where they denied a parent who wanted to put spiderman on his 4 yearold's Grave. Like Seriously. Fuck Disney. un mese fa
HumphreyWolfMan commentato…
I feel that I should say that I am actually not sure if the little kid actually made the wish, but regardless that was still a messed up sposta from Disney. un mese fa