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PrueFever mi ha dato omaggio per my pop quiz questions
Any chance I could get te to vote and maybe leave a commento in this Disney sondaggio I made here:


I'm trying to get as many Fanpoppers to vote and commento and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) postato più di un anno fa
rolo08 detto …
brand new lion king forum why not take a look? link postato più di un anno fa
CharlieSheenLuv detto …
ciao I made a Wild Wild West Spot....added 5 quiz domande and 2 picks, go ahead and add some!! See ya there!! postato più di un anno fa
Haroldthebigman mi ha dato omaggio per my videos
ciao great spots! postato più di un anno fa
Maria7Potter mi ha dato omaggio per my images
Thanks for adding me back! postato più di un anno fa
Takuya mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
Thank ypu for the add ^^ postato più di un anno fa
Everybodylies94 mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
Kevin Kline is an awesome actor, isn't he? :D postato più di un anno fa
KevinKlinelover commentato…
Yes. I am a HUGE fan since December of 2008. più di un anno fa
ScissorhandsLuv commentato…
personaly my fav movie he was in was the road to El Dorado but thats just me!!! più di un anno fa
CharlieSheenLuv commentato…
Yep, he's a GREAT ACTOR!! più di un anno fa
fireworks123 mi ha dato omaggio per my comments
thanks for ur commento on my lion king pick, but i think u kind of misunderstood the question. i asked which character u sympathize with the most, in other words, who do te feel bad for? ur commento sounded più like it was for the most well-drawn one lol if this makes sense xx postato più di un anno fa