Jett Ashfield

fan dal April 2014

  • Male, 24 years old
  • Starkville, Mississippi
  • Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld, American Horror Story, Aldnoah Zero
    Favorite Movie: ALIENS, Predator, AVP, Deadpool, Zoolander
    Favorite Musician: Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, George Strait
    Favorite Book or Author: ALIENS Comic Series, The Blackblood Alliance
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Kishin_Kira ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Ok, I'm going to shut this shit down before it gets out of hand because frankly, I'm sick and tired of all the potential made up bullshit. If somebody is threatening te online and is trying to come to your home in real life: Instead of ranting about it on a dead fan club for a kids movie, CALL THE FUCKING COPS AND segnala IT. If he has messages saying he's going to come to your house, screenshot them and mostra them to the authorities.

For once, enough with the goddamn drama. Fucking hell man. postato ·4 ore fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
And threaten as in threatening your life, meaning if somebody says "Im gonna slit your goddamn throat" and knows where te live. THAT Kind of threat, not something petty o childish. Don't call the cops because some kid is like "im gonna kick your ass" o some stupid petty reason. Its a waste of resources. ·4 ore fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
And also, they probly can't arrest the guy right away because technically they didn't do anything illegal but at least the cops will be aware of your situation and will be quicker to act and get behind bars. ·4 ore fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
o te can just pack heat if your old enough, like me. If somebody tries to kill me in my own home their culo is gonna get shot. ·4 ore fa
QueenWhiskey commentato…
O_o Gesù ·4 ore fa
Kishin_Kira ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega Lmao I remember making this like a anno fa XD postato ·2 giorni fa
ben15delas commentato…
I subscribed ·2 giorni fa
KnudsonBlitz commentato…
I also subscribed but that video... It was AMAZING!!!! ·2 giorni fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Oh thank te XD ·2 giorni fa
Kishin_Kira ha detto riguardo a Alpha e Omega
Ok, I'm going to be blunt here. Why are some Alpha and Omega fan so fucking creepy? I was taking one of those "Which character based on zodiac" quiz and my character was eve. Some dude in the group I assist with sees this and PMs me asking for a sex roleplay as eve. postato ·5 giorni fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
A. I don't know the guy ·5 giorni fa
QueenWhiskey commentato…
Ill Just mostra My Self Out lol ·3 giorni fa
Kishin_Kira commentato…
Just tell us what te were talking about lmao ·3 giorni fa