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Does anyone have anger problems?

32 answers | my answer: if te saw me angry (like i am now, but im TRYING t...

te know people who have jealous of you?

24 answers | my answer: yesh. im only 11 (i dont care about the rules xD) a...

what is your preferito pattern?

12 answers | my answer: plaid :D

do te like cartoons?

14 answers | my answer: almost the only thing i wach is Cartoons! i Amore [b...

If te could meet a famous person dead o alive who would it be?

33 answers | my answer: theres a lot XD (in order) 1. Jeff Bennett 2. N...

Have te ever seen something più random?

9 answers | my answer: yea..... "look at this dog" :D Edbassmaster. t...

Oh no it's __________, run for your ___________!!!

17 answers | my answer: oh no its blank! run for your blank!

Post A random Picture

39 answers | my answer: random? ok =)

What comes up to mind when....

15 answers | my answer: ....Kowalski..... the only reason is hes constan...

How was your giorno today?

7 answers | my answer: I HATE my art teacher, Mrs. Yi! we have 10-0 of sco...