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Hi! Thanks for the add. postato ·16 giorni fa
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"I work all giorno and then go back to a crappy house that our work pays for." Ugg, yeah exactly. Though my family is actually selling our house because we're finally THAT poor. I'm saving up for the Netherlands; already got the passport, I just need someone to go with me lol. Hopefully te get to go to Japan! They actually aren't on my club; I'll PM te a link to the site (since I've been temp banned before for posting a link on a bacheca that was detected as spam :v) postato ·17 giorni fa
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Thanks for adding me :)

-M4RSH4DOW postato ·17 giorni fa
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ciao man ^^ sorry late reply, I'm hopeless with keeping up with fanpop hahah
I'm doing good. Got a freelance job So I'm giving that a go. Very irregular days so I'm using it for experience. te keeping well? postato ·17 giorni fa
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Yooooooooooo Man XD whats up in da house XD
Feeling very sleepy,lazy and my whole Body hurts
and I am very slowly with posting and Scrivere these days…
I missed it too!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy te are doing fine my perv black Cat =D xD
I saw it(and fanned them)
te did an amzing work!!!

thank te too!!!

buing buing ya Kat(and Lion)❤️ postato ·17 giorni fa
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Like the general direction they've been going with their Musica isn't all that good in my opinion.

XD Yeah the Long Haitus BP as always. Its been ages tho but nice see ya around. postato ·18 giorni fa
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My giorno has gone pretty well tbh. A bit tired but not that bad. Just grinding currently. postato ·18 giorni fa
BlindBandit92 commentato…
But in any case fair enough. If te want some suggestions whenever te are bored enough I'll let te know then lol ·18 giorni fa
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Hi. Thank te for adding me and for the prop. postato ·18 giorni fa
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ciao there, man. It has been a while. I'm good. Not as much active in here as I used to be. A lot of things came up together and chaos ensued. Everything going better though. Pulling through XD How have te been? postato ·18 giorni fa
Kuro_Hyou666 ha detto riguardo a Fanpop's Got Talent Revival
I apologise to everyone on here that I never came back and thanks to deathding and ther others for making sure it happened. A lot of things happened around that time. Anyway, 3 years later... postato ·18 giorni fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
No worries, pal. Sometimes, stuff just happen. No one can blame you. Can relate myself as well XD In any case, thank te for reviving that idea and making it come true in the end regardless. Hope the chance for it comes again !!!! ·18 giorni fa