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Would te be Hokage?

11 answers | my answer: Hell no! U crazy do te know how much WORK that is...

Ummm... Does anywhere know where I could watch season 1 online

10 answers | my answer: Anime freak- link...
Avatar - La leggenda di Aang

What element are te based on the Avatar cycle?

43 answers | my answer: I always liked fuoco I was born in January and got w...
Soul eater

Would te be a weapon o a miester?

41 answers | my answer: Meister. I want to be a warrior of my own. If I am...
Soul eater

How did te discover Soul Eater?

41 answers | my answer: I heard about from a friend
Hunger Games

What do te think of some of the media and critics calling Jennifer 'too fat' to play Katniss?

24 answers | my answer: their idiots. Every single person. I saw the movie...
Hunger Games

Do te think the third book (Mockingjay)was good?

21 answers | my answer: it was my preferito out of the entire series