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hehe, I Amore him with both, so happy either way!! me too! it's those Film that my whole family can enjoy watching together, which is nice! I'm not sure who my favourites are anymore tbh, everything is ALWAYS changing, but Ilsa is FOR SURE up there. Rebecca Ferguson is an icon, Amore her<33 I'm pretty sure they've all detto they're up for doing MI7, but they want Chris McQuarrie back to do it again, and he's not sure, because he doesn't know what else he could do/where he could take it postato ·29 giorni fa
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I reckon he'll get persuaded though, so I'm sure there will be another one (at least I hope so soooo much) ·29 giorni fa
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But I do worry that Tom Cruise is going to die some horrible death whilst doing a stunt ·29 giorni fa
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I Amore ethan/julia soooo much, especially in MI3, but I've rewatched Rogue Nation about 500000 times, and there is something about ethan/ilsa that interests me, which was heightened in Fallout. I still adore ethan/julia though!! I was lucky enough that Rach made me some icons, and I Amore to share my Amore of ethan & ilsa (who i think may be my actual favourite character ever) so of course te can save<333 postato un mese fa
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for your commenti on my tbbt sondaggi - thanks postato un mese fa
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please unisciti my new club:

link postato ·2 mesi fa
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te on instagram? postato ·4 mesi fa
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Happy birthday, my friend! :) postato ·4 mesi fa
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ciao boo, te can start a new round of hangman if te want :) If not pass it on to someone else please! postato ·6 mesi fa
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i was at vacatioooons, gonna do it now! ·6 mesi fa
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<i>My “travesty” OTP <333</i> Yo. te and me are gonna throw hands one giorno lmfao!! I Amore you, even though te always have something smartass to say :P ·6 mesi fa
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travesty in greek means tranny, so it was fun to use that as a pun <3 ·6 mesi fa
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Hi! Amore your new profilo banner. We have a lot in common when it comes to Televisione (Friends, Glee ...). Already a fan of you. Friends? I certainly hope so. Here's a friendly omaggio for te for your simply gorgeous profilo banner. Take care & keep in touch! Your fan & your friend Mark :-) postato ·7 mesi fa
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Amore your new icon! <3 postato ·7 mesi fa
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Carrie <333 ·7 mesi fa
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Sorry for the late reply! And no, I don't watch HoC, though I've watched the first episode. I want to continue but there's so many seasons and besides, I don't know how I'll feel watching Spacey now :s
You? postato ·8 mesi fa