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Poynter_rio ha detto riguardo a Merlin
I can'y believe Arthur die's on the end , why? it's not fair an just makes the whole mostra pointless as merlin is meant to protect him to fulliful his destiny as the right and future kind of camelote but what do they do they kill him? why then? he could of died ages fa there's been so many times that he could of just leaves all the fan to get pissed and upset at the last episode did they think it would make it like great hype at the end? and just have merlin walking down at the end. unbelieable postato più di un anno fa
Merlin-Fan123 commentato…
Ikr Im Soooooo Sad And I Really Loved Him <3 Mega Cwushie ||<3 più di un anno fa
war40hamer commentato…
Yes but there will be no più episodes. But I think it was good and emotional più di un anno fa
HPMad commentato…
I'm really sad he had no air (sorry guys I'm a huge Arwen fan) più di un anno fa