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RomanceGod ha detto riguardo a Qaurtet Night!
Thank te to those who have became a fan of this club I made. I thought that there would be più fans. Guess not... postato più di un anno fa
RomanceGod ha detto riguardo a le coppie di Hetalia
I loves Gerita!~ postato più di un anno fa
germany_girl commentato…
GERMANY IS MINE più di un anno fa
RomanceGod commentato…
B-b-b-but... I LUV Doitsu... (goes crying in a corner.) X3 più di un anno fa
big smile
RomanceGod detto …
I have one made ONE club and its for Quartet Night from Uta no Prince sama I hope to have at least a few fan. Thank te for reading! postato più di un anno fa