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SDraq ha detto riguardo a Kim Kardashian
Her sex tape online got lots of hits during her wedding week. It's a reminder how she became big. Why did her brother call her that nasty name on their show? I'm no prude but, I thank God I was raised the way I was. Morals have really gone down the tubes over the years. Even her new husband has been honest about her character on the mostra in respect to her being so controlling. Her wedding was so far from "royal". America has no royalty and no money can make the gimmick look as such! postato più di un anno fa
SDraq ha detto riguardo a Ali Lohan
Don't recognize te now. te destroyed your looks girl! postato più di un anno fa
SDraq ha detto riguardo a Charlie Sheen
te are the reason I stopped watching your show. I feel bad for the others working on it. Your arrogance and selfishness has now caused them to be out of work. te set a poor example for the younger generation. I don't get why celebritàs should get special treatment when breaking the law. I don't think te have been worthy of being put up on a pedestal. Look how far te have fallen. Please just get well and find God. postato più di un anno fa
Rose082358 commentato…
Finally someone with Common Sense, why do these stars have such a sense of entitlement! Great Actor, dumb human... più di un anno fa
BogartsLoungeMi commentato…
God Bless ya Charlie and thanks for the entertaiment, stick to your guns, your fan just got più faithful, the people dogging te now are the same kind of idiots that won’t let us smoke tobacco in bars. più di un anno fa