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    Favorite Movie: Passion of the Christ
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SarahCorine ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
Tonight I start my first night back at Walmart. On a totally random note pertaining to what's going on in my life, get a cool mist humidifier for your room. Trust me, just do it. o an air purifier. Works wonders. And as it turns out, we get to stay where we are. Oh we're still gonna work towards getting an apartment and saving our tax returns for it. But at least we don't need to stress at the moment. postato ·3 giorni fa
wavesurf commentato…
^ Glad to hear that te don't have the extra stress of moving. :) Hope all continues to go well. ·3 giorni fa
disnerdtobe commentato…
That’s wonderful! Congratulations! ·2 giorni fa
SarahCorine commentato…
I'm an overnight stocker for apparel. ·2 giorni fa
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So I have something to say, but I have to put it in the comments, because it's too long for here. Read below. postato ·17 giorni fa
SarahCorine commentato…
I'm a firm believer that if te can give until te have nothing left, te should. Yes, take care of yourself. Make sure you're taken care of. But if te walk past someone homeless, give. Who cares if they spend it on drugs o alcohol. That is their choice. Don't refuse because te have doubts. If te don't have money to give, give Cibo o water. If te have time, go to the bank o to the store to give a store gift card. Anything. If all te have to give is a smile o kind words, give them. Something so simple could make someone's giorno in ways te never imagined. Everyone is hurting in some way. Be the light that they might not have seen o felt without you. I've done nothing to be this blessed. Yes, we've had such a stressful week but God takes care of us. I know all too well that I don't deserve His Amore o kindness, but He refuses to let us down o forget us. He wants us to extend that kindness. We're still stressed but I know we're so close to that future we dream of despite setbacks ·17 giorni fa
MaidofOrleans commentato…
Congratulations!!! That is such good news! :D ·16 giorni fa
mhs1025 commentato…
Congrats on the new job! ·14 giorni fa
SarahCorine ha detto riguardo a Principesse Disney
Guys, wish me luck. I have an interview tonight. I have to get this job. I postato about this on the Encouraging Words forum. My boyfriend and I are being forced out of our current living situation with our roommates right now. It's a house, but they say because the parents are cosigners on the house, the parents don't want them to have roommates. Ok we've been here since Sept and they've had roommates before us. We don't buy it for a second. Anyways, wish me luck. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 postato ·17 giorni fa
tiffany88 commentato…
Good luck ! I'm sure you're going to be great :) ·17 giorni fa
deedragongirl commentato…
Good luck!! ·17 giorni fa
MaidofOrleans commentato…
Best of luck to you! Job searching is tough, but te will find something! ·16 giorni fa